Two Officials From Crimeean Government Fired For Mining Bitcoin (Using State Owned Computers)

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It's not every day that you stumble upon such a funny - yet somehow alarming, I guess - news: two Crimeean officials (as far as I understand, from the IT department) were fired for mining Bitcoin on State owned computers.

The news was broke by the Rusian RIA news agency (Russian content), which carefully noted that the guys didn't have time to cash out their winnings (although it does note these winnings were quite small).

Beyond the funny nature of this news (I literally laugh out loud now) I think this tells a very interesting story about the clash of two epochs: the centralized, government-controlled era, and the decentralized, distributed era. The latter seems to be constantly creeping into the former.

I'm going to end this by trying to imagine how they were actually caught: was there anyone who noticed unusual traffic and reported it? Or was it someone who wasn't included in the scheme?

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My theory as to how they were caught is that they were your typical inept government employees who probably hit "reply to all" while discussing their brilliant plan to make tens of dollars across the government email platform. ;-)

mwahahahahaha, yes, that's also very plausible :))))

hahaha so funny, i think they might be counting their bitcoins that how much they mined so far and someone might notice it from behind and they got caught red handed.

My workplace has extreme network speeds and processing power greater than any place in my city. I have thought about it.....daily.

This is hilarious. This is the modern-day equivalent of mailing home a jeep, one part at a time during the Korean war. Thieves stealing from thieves.

Thieves stealing from thieves.
^^^^^^ yes, yes, yes :)))

they should be fired.
Misappropriation (of assets, funds or resources) is typically unlawful.
They should be fired for engaging in Social Media or view Porn also....using government computers.

probably someone who was "jelly" he didn't get in on it. At least that's what my experience living in a post communist era country has thought me :))

My thoughts exactly :)

I will be more careful then :D


Blockchain may make or break Russia, which only survives through monopolisation and suppression, as the options for rejecting the state and starving of the resources it needs to survive increase, the prospects for the Russian state dwindle day by day, and the opportunities for Russian people grow in greater proportion.

May be bitcoin created more interest to them than their job 😄

I would assume it was the unusual traffic. I spend alot of time on steemit so hopefully that doesn't get me fired. I only use it on breaks I swear. Great find!

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