Bitcoin - The Journey to $20000 and Beyond

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For this look back - and forward - to Bitcoin prices and fundamentals, I'll be your host, DRutter, also unknown as "Bitcoin Seer". How have I been able to predict Bitcoin patterns and prices years in advance? How is it possible I've remained completely unknown in the crypto world all this time? And what do I see coming next?

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Remember, money (and currency) isn't everything. Love is everything. The "love of money" - greed - that's the root of all evil. Money itself is just a tool, and can be used either for good or for evil.

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Very interesting, accurate, and honest to point out that, yeah wealth and/or fame would have changed your predictive ability. Somewhere in the 10th dimension we could find out! You're seriously good at predicting Bitcoin, and we're punny! :-D ;)