New currency oxgram

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Hello my friends I also promised you new digital coins Please encourage me
Today, you are charged with currency oxgram =0.22$ Per currency

How do I register in the currency and get it for free?
First you have to register in this link .But you must register with your real name written on your ID card
Why? Because the site can request your ID from you in the future...
Well fill your data with your name, your number and your correct address. Then go to the mail to activate the account

Registration link:

Well I registered and activated my account?
How to get the currency for free
Well go to>resources>Then choose Windows operating system or Linux>And upload it
And upload it>Now open the wallet>This is the wallet

For mining go to >help>debug whindow>console>Go down and write the word( setgenerate true -9000)
Then press Enter.....
Now congratulations to you coin mining

How do I withdraw the currency
go to send>pay to >Now type here the address of the wallet that is inside your site

Then select the quantity and send it to your account
Congratulations to you and do not forget to vote for me to encourage me... :)

Download it from here


Looks like a test-net right now... like to see how it grows. :)

You can achieve $ 10 a day of coin mining on your computer

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