Bitcoin Versus USD$ -only one of these are depreciating

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You can't hide the fact (despite the Central Bankers doing their very best to hide it) that we have a depreciating US Dollar scenario that is possibly setting up as a much longer term trend -- question is:

How many Bitcoins $BTC would $100,000 USD purchase, Aug 2010 through Dec 2017


Now let's look at BITCOIN growth versus the famous (infamous) Weimar Inflation period -1918 to 1923 compared to the same Bitcoin period from the above chart:


So you could say 100,000x depreciation occurred Aug 2010 - Dec 2017, but we may have at least 10,000,000x's more depreciation to go!

Depends on how pro-J Powell Fed Chair you are I guess.....interesting to compare.


Since 1996, 40% of the U.S. population has seen their inflation-adjusted incomes decline. An additional 20% have stayed roughly flat. Meanwhile, the cost of college tuition, childcare, and healthcare went up 200%, 125%, and 120%, respectively....let that sink in. source: