Currency composition jumps in Monster House reports from fund founders Peter Till

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LONDON (Reuters) - The Founders' Fund, run by Peter Thiel, founder of Nasdaq: PYPL and Facebook's first investor, has bought millions of dollars in volatile digital currency, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

It was trading at $ 14,766.00 at 06:32 am (11:32 GMT) on the Peteffins Stock Exchange, after rising to $ 15,428.00 earlier.

The venture capital firm bought about $ 15 million to $ 20 million in the currency of the property and told investors that the acquisition is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars after the rise in the price of the house in 2017.

In October, Thale stated that people were "devaluing" the bitcoin and compare the gold coin with gold.

"If the Betcuene has become the gold equivalent of gold, it has great potential that has not yet been discovered."

The digital currency has risen nearly 20 times since the beginning of 2017, climbing from less than $ 1,000 to $ 19,891 on December 17 on Bitfinix and more than $ 20,000 on other exchanges.

However, the price dropped from its all-time high in mid-December, almost half the rest of the month.

While Pitcairn investors believe the decline was a natural correction after a breathless rise, there were warnings of an asset bubble by market regulators and central banks.

In late December, analysts warned Morgan Sanli that the real value of the protein can be "zero".

If KFH is not accepted as a competitor to the US dollar and other foreign currencies, it is worth nothing literally, the researchers said.

On Tuesday, the dominance of the bitcoin on the digital currency market fell to its lowest level ever amid growing interest in alternative digital currencies.

Market capitalization of $ 231.7 billion, equivalent to 36% of the total value of all blind currencies, is the lowest market share ever. At the beginning of 2017, market share reached more than 80%.

Meanwhile, Reebel, the second most valuable virtual currency by market value after PeteCueen, was trading at $ 2.373 on the bourse, after hitting a new record of $ 2.49 earlier.

The roof of the Rebel market continued climbing Wednesday, peaking at over $ 105 billion. Over the weekend, RIBL overtook the ethrium currency to become the second largest currency after Bitcoin.

Ripel has risen more than 32,000% over 2017. General trading started at around $ 0.006 and ended at $ 1.98.

Reebel's gains in 2017 exceeded the gains of ethrium and bitcoin, which rose by about 9,000% and 1,400%, respectively.