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@EpicDesigns Technical Analysis Report 3/14/2018

Current Price:

The Technicals:
Perfect buy Btc.PNG

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Time Analysis:
As I stated previously, the price of bitcoin looked like it was setting up for a 1-4 even maybe a 1-9 day correction, and right now it looks like we got a red 9 forming. What does this mean? it means the 9th candle is likely to be followed by a reversal to the upside.

As you can see on the chart, my time indicator has plotted this red 9 candle as a perfect buy signal. Feeling skeptical? Look at all the other points on the daily chart below that were perfect buy signals, and look at the upward swing that always follow.

Anyways, stay tuned I'll make another post here soon to see if my call was accurate.


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