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Monoreto is a platform that enables users to benefit from using it without intermediaries.

Regardless of the formation of one of a kind content on the platform, clients can't adapt their content on these platforms. The absence of social movement on these platforms is another issue for the business. Individuals are likewise tired of countless post on these online networking platform. Content robbery is another significant test on the stage, where unique creators of the content are not acknowledged. Individuals have come to understand the quirks and difficulties of the present internet based life platform. There is a requirement for making an answer for the difficulties specified previously. Facebook, twitter, instagram, and Snapchat are just a couple of the numerous web-based social networking tools for the public. A considerable lot of us invest hours on these applications. Then again, these applications gain billions of dollars by pitching our content and information to the outsiders. The clients of the platform are let alone for the reward circle.

Information for January 2018 demonstrates that 2.5 billion individuals on Earth utilize social networks consistently and post various contents running from content and photos to comments and likes.

Social network users can be divided into three categories :

▪️Ordinary users who do not create quality content but take advantage of other people's products. such as: photos, posts, and comments.

▪️Usual users who post quality content but do not have the opportunity to monetize it.

▪️Professional bloggers, opinion makers, photographers (who use content creation as their source of income).


The most concerning issue of existing social network is "not being appreciative" for the endeavors made by common clients who make content. On existing social networks, for example, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and numerous others, clients create quality and one of a kind content with no remuneration by any stretch of the imagination. No popular social networking user is remunerated for their content by the system or different clients.

Monetising content through advertising is ordinarily done by mesmerized bloggers and photographers who choose which publicists to work with, and additionally new authors who advertise sketchy merchandise and enterprises to profit.


Monoreto is making another and imaginative social media platform where everybody is remunerated for their commitment. Posting and adapting quality content will be less demanding with the most recent tools gave on the platform. Photographs, videos and live communication on the platform can be effectively imparted to the friends and followers. News feed of the mainstream content will be made accessible on the course of events of the users. Blockchain technology is utilized by the group for making a straightforward and dependable platform for the clients of the world. Coordinate connection between the organizations and the content makers is given on the platform to making a long haul relationship.


Name : Monoreto
Token : MNR
PreICO Price : 1 MNR = 0.025 USD
Price : 1 MNR = 0.05 USD
Soft cap : 200,000 USD
Hard cap : 800,000 USD
Tokens for sale : 500,000,000


Token Distribution:

• 23% to initial platform users
• 11% remains the company’s share
• 3% used for bounty prizes
• 63% to crowdsale participants

Distribution of collected funds after the Token Sale:

• 50% for development of the Monoreto platform
• 25% for marketing and advertising applications
• 15% for future development of the Monoreto platform
• 10% in expenditure on legal regulations


1 - Q2 2017

▪️Research needs of market.
▪️Research of platform launch on the
international market.
▪️ Creation of draft platform design.

2 - Q3 2017

▪️ Development of marketing innovation mechanism inside platform Monoreto.
▪️ Resolving questions of technical realization of the platform and its scaling.

3 - Q4 2017

▪️ Preparation to blockchain technology use in project.
▪️ The beginning of work on Whitepaper.
▪️ Engagement of consultants.
▪️ Project introduction to potential users.
▪️ Development of ITO campaign for raising funds.
▪️ Overview of technological solutions of the platform and its positioning.
▪️ Development of media plan and marketing research.

4 - Q1 2018

▪️ Beginning of marketing campaigns on tokens sale.
▪️ Organization of Monoreto’s community.
▪️ Presentation of project and integration into mass media.

5 - Q2-Q3 2018

▪️ Presentation of functional core of platform.
▪️ Start of fund raising to bring product to world market.
▪️ Presentation of project to holders of tokens at international level.
▪️ Completing distribution of tokens.
Beta-version of product.

6 - Q4 2018

▪️ Monoreto Investment.
▪️ Launching escrow system.
▪️ Smart contracts within the platform.

7 - Q1-Q3 2019

▪️ Unlock 20% of tokens for first users from platform development fund.
▪️ Designing effective smart feed tools to promote users.
▪️ Developing mobile application.
Translation to additional languages.



For more information, visit:

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Nicely written article . would be looking more into the whitepaper

A quality review. This project has all the markers of being successful.

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