The "FUD Fossils" of Today are Surely on the Verge of Extinction

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God, I'm sick of the lot of them. Prune-faced knobs spewing crapping over anything they don't understand. There are several of them that I'm referring to (Peter Schiff, I'm also looking at you!), but no. I'm going to the top of the food chain here, guys. None other than the king of dust himself, Warren Buffet.


Fine, he used to be the the best of the best when it came to investing in his heyday. Many have made millions based upon his timely recommendations over the years, that have also amassed the business magnate himself billions of dollars. But everything should be presented in some kind of context. Truth is, he just doesn't get crypto yet loves to talk trash about it whenever he gets the opportunity. His latest comments come yesterday as he warns of an economic stock market meltdown in the near future brought about by the Coronavirus outbreak, and lo and behold, BTC will apparently be taken down as well. Also a while back during an annual shareholders meeting, he was asked again his thoughts on the crypto space, to which he replied it was akin to a "seashell", in that it doesn't actually "do" anything.

Sure, I guess anything invisible to the naked eye can't be a real thing hence it has no real relevance. This is coming from a guy that breathes "invisible" air whilst making phone-calls using the "invisible" airwaves. His arguments are ridiculous and it's clear as day he will never research the technology or even attempt to understand it. But that's fine, because I believe "time" will eventually come to the rescue for us.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, everybody in the world will embrace technology. There won't be a divide like there is now, with a large proportion of the current world's population being computer-illiterate or just plain technophobic. Everybody will have grown up with some sort of exposure to computers, tablets and smart phone from the very start. Anything electrical won't be the "devil's bane", as it were. That's why this situation really frustrates me.

Hell, even some of my peers have lived in exactly the same world as me yet when it comes to stuff like online shopping, they shy away "in case" those faceless Internet hackers find a way to break into their precious bank accounts. To me, that makes about as much sense as burning a woman on a stake just because she may be a witch. I've observed that a small minority of the 40-somethings get it, whilst a good proportion of the 30-somethings also get it. And when you get to the millennials or below, almost all of them are on the same page.

So my point is this. We want mass adoption? Where everybody will accept crypto currency, blockchain tech and everything else that comes with it? Demographics play a huge part in this. Thirty-or-so years from now, people will look back and laugh at the naysayers of today who even questioned this new evolutionary step we find ourselves on the brink of. Give it time, peepz. All we need to do is...

... Wait it out and simply let the rest fall into place...


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)


Lol he isn't a billionaire, he is a Cantillonaire, his been getting the first preference on money printing for years now, his long past being a viable name in investing unless you believe in nominal value of currency is money

Yes, the prehistoric age of money was his forte. Times are shifting and fast, unlike him and a few select others out there.

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