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RE: Leverage Trading - 1 Bitcoin Can Be Traded For 100 Bitcoins !

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Your title encourages people to gamble all their money with 100x leverage.

Basically you're selling a promise of big earnings with a reflink.

Really do you think it's worth the risk? Right you can make 100-1000$ in 5 minutes, but you can also lose ALL YOUR BALANCE IN A SINGLE BLINK.

Cmon man


This usually a HIGH RISK AND HIGH RETURNS system where a newbies should be cautioned to get into this system without any knowledge. No doubt leverage trades are for short term traders and proficient in charting knowledge where they can play with reading the candlestick patterns

High risk high returns 'trading' should be called ''gambling''.

Emotions shouldn't interfere and a lot of people get burned coz they see leverage as a quick rich scheme.

Sure it is, but for the counterparty.

@fcalabuig if we are able to control our emotions there is no chance we could loose in trading . Its only our greed and emotions which results in loss at end :)

Success in trading comes only with a great risk & emotion management. Even doing this perfectly loses come from time to time.

The market can stay irrational until you lose all your balance. Even with a 'good prediction'.

Take care.

Yes you are right more high risk more high return but more chances to loss all

Yes we can lose in single blink. Well said

Hey, friend I have read all his (@moneyguru) posts, he just makes a video and then writes the same content on all of social networking platforms. Do you guess how he gained such a good ranking in a month only? He fools all his YouTube subscribers and insist them to up vote his posts, and he never up vote in return. So he is just a scammer with shit content, who always misuse his followers.

@moneyguruu is not making fool to their subscribers he is genuine & just doing his work with full efforts and try to aware their viewers to earn by any online platform, And his subscribers are not an idiot that by only listening they will going to invest her/his money blindly to any quick scheme, And Yes he is gained such a good ranking in the world of social media but not in month, he is struggling from years.

@hitbitman . Are you jealous of his success or someone told you to do so. Because @moneyguruu saved a lot of people from being fooled by so many online earning hypes on social media. We follow him out of trust , not because he said something. False accusation without knowing a person is dangerous. First do a deep research about him then conclude. Do not speculate.
And by the way, the actual @moneyguruu here is with a double "u" after the letter "r". This very mistake of yours clearly explain that you know nothing of him. If you have seen his recent videos he also mentioned this fact that someone is trying to be him. Do your research again.

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@fcalaubig my friend this is what post says that you can earn big and loose all in leverage trading and me telling people about it doesn't means people gonna invest there all money over it . People are trading on bitmex from long and you or me telling about it makes no difference either . Few people are risk takers and this platform is basically for risk takers only .

The fact that you explain in a single post ''what is longing/shorting'' and ''what is leveraging'' with a ''PRO TIP TO LEVERAGE'' encourages noobs to try this because ''it seems easy''.

I'm almost 100% sure that your ''pro tip'' will make 99,9% of people trying it to lose money. It's simply irresponsible to sell 'trading' like this. What you describe there is gambling mate.

Theorically you're trusted (as this post is in trending with +500STU in rewards and your reputation is high). So yes, it's probable that someone reading this post goes to bitmex trying to make a killing.

I'm sorry, but I strongly disagree with this kind of 'educational posts'. U should reconsider your way of selling, people can get burned and this is the same people that later says ''cryptocurrency is a scam''.

Kindly regards.

EDIT: Must say that In any way I'm not trying to discredit your work, I see that you have a high following at YT and this is exactly what steem needs. More people working towards it.

But please, use your power & influence carefully. This post have serious flaws but I'm sure that you created pretty decent content. It's our job as content creators to have a educated following regarding our subjects of interest.

I agree, well said, @moneyguruu has no clue how dangerous he is! He told me to go check a live smart contract on GITHUB! what an Idiot!

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