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RE: Goldman Sachs informs: Bitcoin is not an asset class 👨‍🏫₿

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Not an asset Class but "Above an asset" , No body can fail the people power, The blockchain and Bitcoin is the peoples money where no one can control but we have needed trusted platform for trading due to some scam project cause negative impression , We need project coming like Koinpro, will help to maintain trust and reputation of crypto overall


Not an asset Class but "Above an asset" , No body can fail the people power

hehe ya, it kind of reminds me of a school teacher being like "oh that kid's trouble" and not approving, but really it's like the kid is interesting and curious and just too next-level 🤷

Never heard of Koinpro. Off the top of my head I'd say stay far, far away. Most of these things are scams and have no purpose.

(No offense, and best of luck. But I don't want anyone reading my blargh to see that and not see a reply to it.)

Crypto overall really deserves no trust lol. The math of how to do p2p transactions is all that matters, and can happen on one network. Maybe in the way future there will be some niche purpose to a side chain, idk. But in general these "projects" are just scams, they want you to send them money for their pointless token.

(The way Goldman Sachs sees Bitcoin is basically the right way to look at altcoins and all the Bitcoin forks and whatnot.)


Ohhhh I see, all your comments talk about why we should be buying Koinpro 😴😴 Kind of figured that's what I'd find.

I bet you aren't really the pretty lady in the green blouse 😡😡


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