What If You Didn't HODL?

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As the year draws to a close it would be interesting to do something fun. I received this on whatsapp so I'm not entirely sure of its origins but i'm going to share it here with a slight mod so just to see what responses we'll get.

This is what you gotto do. Take your portfolio all time high in USD value and divide it by 3900 which is the current bitcoin price.



You will find out how many bitcoins you’d have right now if you didn’t HODL.

If you are feeling bad don't worry. We're all in the same boat!

I will consider STEEM instead of my entire portfolio. I recall about having about 24000-25000 STEEM powered up as SP in this account which was worth about 25000*8.5 = 212500 USD.

212500 USD / 3900 54.48 BTC today.

Or for that matter

At 27 cents a STEEM I would’ve had 787037 STEEM. Whoa! I wouldn't mind that at all haha.

I've held many other tokens which were worth a lot more but I don't recall the exact value. I guess we're gonna have to wait a while to do this...:D

Post your results in the comments below. Let's not be too practical and have some fun with this.

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Ah ... I was think same, I was want make same post :)) ... I have looked this situation also :)) ... when steem was up the higher price, I was see in my wallet.. 22 000$ ...
And when I look now how lot I can get then it is .. 5.75 BTC ... and steem I can get 82149.93 ... it is lot :)))
It would have been a super investment wore me , if I would have sensed it in my head. Some people I follow it this market world where I also get the information, they repeatedly was say own followers .."Go and take profit" , but for me it was too nice to see how all prices moved up :)) I let myself be maid blind.. But all can not be good so I try learn and be ready for next run.
When I let it affect myself I never learn, so I look and smile, and tell myself... "almost.. almost my friend, now you have to be patient and wait And HODL"

107034 steem

but technicaly it should be more when you power up at a certain ratio. If I had sold there would have been 25% taxes (germany) or me living in jail next to murders and terrorists...no thanks :D

57 SP*8.5 =484.5 usd

484.5 usd / 3900 0.12 btc

My story is quite different. I didn't HODL. I had cashed out whatever steem I had had ( All came through posting) in the beginning of this year. I earned well over 30000 INR that way. And now, when steem price is low, I spent 48000 INR to buy over 2500 steems. Even if the price of this crypto further goes down, my monetary lose would be around 20,000 INR, which is bearable!

All being said, there is no substitute for the time I have spent. I have invested a good amount of time just to understand this platform! Not to mention the exploration part!

Hey FirePower! It's you're old buddy Dan from Steemfest. Ya know World Travel Pro. I recall having a real nice covnersation with you when you were feeling kind of ill. We were sitting at the bar where up-stairs there was an even going on. I think it was the night before the Salt Mine.

Anyway it's been some time now and I'm just dropping by to say hello. This is a cool post, and I never invested in cryptos, just my time. But I liquidated a lot Back in January, February, and March. Enough to support my travels for all of this year and next. So steemit has been to me. Being part of the Sndbox and gaining a nice following of whale supporters made all the difference.

I've been hanging here in Pai Thailand having a blast. Lots of other steemit people have come through here and others are living in Chiang Mai where I've spent some time as well. Maybe you know Frank aka @lucypher. He's about as cool as they come. He's in Chiang Mai now.

Anyway I hope you are doing well. I'm heading down to the Islands for the new year. Life is good! Happy holidays brother!

Hey dude! How's it going? I recall our conversation. We had a great chat indeed although I was quite exhausted that day haha.

It's great to hear from you. I'm glad you are having a great time in Thailand. It's a country I haven't visited yet. Hopefully later this year.

Hope you have a great time in the islands spread across SE Asia. Enjoy your travels bud!

Thanks for the kind words brother. Good to hear from you and glad you are doing well. Yes, come to Thailand. It's one of my favorite countries. I'm sure you will love it here. If you need any advice before you make the trip don't hesitate to ask. I'm spent over 2.5 half years of my life here and about 15 trips in 15 years! Probably my favorite country in the world. Have a great day! -Dan

Hi @firepower 🔥 the main maan !

Seasons greetings from Me and My family family here in Nigeria.

I wanted to buy more ETH coins when it was low but I was scared too.

I ain't sure of thw exact calculations tho 😁 'cos I'd have to log in to the LUNO wallet.

Much love 😍 from @lizbethk

Thank you so much. Hope you are having a great time yourself. Happy holidays to you. :)

People have to realize that most gains have been due to manipulation and FOMO. Since this is an unregulated market, a proper price discovery is not in place. Long way before a stable market arrives

This happen when you think in fiat value and base your investment on that perception.

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Let's not be practical and have some fun for a change. :)

sierto del precio del btc a esteem tengo una pregunta cuánto cuesta una eth en tiempo real casi noce del mercado

Can you please repost your comment in english if possible? :)

Well,let us see what would happened.Just keep on positive mindset and keep on steeming.

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The idea was to post a number but sure... positivity will do.

😁 I am holding my steem from when steem @ $7 and yesterday recently withdrawn my Steem from $0.27. Looking in front of mirror and say myself as a joker 🃏

I wish you more fun and more success in upcoming 2019.

Thank you but I was looking for a number in the comments. 😅

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@firepower, 3.20 BTC ha ha. Fun and interesting to go through from this post brother. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Well, luckily i didn't hodl and sold 60-70% of my portfolio at ATH :-)