I'm actually afraid to try :)

Yes I just completed the transaction and its real. I sent .90 BTC to my wallet on QoinPro, then I contacted them through their Twitter Page, which the CEO, Wouter Van Der Schagt is who I talked to, and you talk to him and he will credit your BitcoinCash Wallet with the same amount that you deposited in to your BTC Wallet. Once hes done crediting your BitcoinCash then you can withdrawal your BTC right away, and then once you get your BitcoinCash in your Wallet you can withdrawal that right away. You only have til the 15th so times running out. I was nervous too, because I sent over .90, but QoinPro has been around for many years, and I had read that others were successful with this.

I just got an email saying they extended it to oct 31st.
thinking of trying it.
Thank you for telling us it works because I been wondering if its a scam.

Yes I just heard that too in the monthly news letter they send to me every month. It really is legit, it worked very well for me, was a smooth process. Just contact them through Twitter, and Direct Message them. Tell them you just deposited your Bitcoin to claim your BCH. And they will walk you through everything and tell you what to do.

ok neat, I sent them an email today (they never answered back) as I don't have a twitter anymore but its worth making a new one if that's all it takes.
Thank you for giving me info as I hae been going crazy over the bcc forksence the 1st.
Thank you again!