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RE: .95 Cent Steem Price?? - My Take on the Crypto Bear Market - WHERE'S MY LAMBO

in #bitcoin3 years ago

It was good to read... and yes we must HODL... not sell. If it start go up... it go fast. There are big investors out there waiting for a low prices. Every time I look deeper in this world ( in this crypt money world ) ... I lot think how this can go down. Our countries print money globally with no sense of responsibility, and they think this is then better.. ? I see that this crypt money is the best solution here than any other payment instruments out there in world.
But what goes down, it must come up also... so HODL.


Look at whats happening with the Turkish Lira, crypto trading there went way up, it is so true the big investors really control the price, but i believe them buying in in big amounts will come soon, and then the average joe will follow and another pump will follow

We see soon .