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RE: WAVES about to become a BULL TSUNAMI!!

in #bitcoin4 years ago

it hasn't been rising for a few days and that makes you worried, because you're missing out on all those litecoins and stuff? :D

I'm sitting on a completely not moving ZENCASH (well it's moving backwards).
And I'm thinking "Should I just sell?" and go chase other coin.....

What I've learnt from a short period of trading crypto - the coin that you are worried that is not rising - WILL start to rise almost instantly or IN 24hrs AFTER you've sold it.
Trading crypto - it's the best tragicomedy there is :D


You are 100% CORRECT!! Don't chase it's a fools game! Diversity wins!! Pick your coins buy at a good price HODL!! CREAM PROFITS!! Ladder in ladder out

Perfectly said

Hey thanks!

It's so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well said...