Top Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Resources

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Today I am going to share with you the top Cryptocurrency resources that are helpful to both new users and experienced users.

  1. Buying bitcoin / Cryptocurrencies instantly!

No need to wait weeks like coinbase or other exchanges. Get bitcoin instantly within seconds! Also can exchange your Bitcoin / Cryptocurrencies to other crryptocurrencies like Etheruem, Ripple Litecoin and more! Instantly.

  1. Storing your cryptocurrencies

Many people make the mistake of leaving their Cryptocurrencies on exchanges. History shows that is a major mistake. People who stored on Mt Gox or know first hand what its like to have their crypto vanish due to hacks and governments shutting it down. Using hardware wallets like the one on will store your private keys offline so no online hacker can steal it.

3.How to spend Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

More and more retailers are accepting cryptocurrencies(like overstock, newegg, etc) but not everyone accepts them yet. Luckily there are crypto debit cards so you can spend your crypto anywhere that accepts visa using

  1. Exchanging and trading

More cryptos are getting released and you may want them sooner than later. is one of the top exchanges that offers tons of the newest cryptocurrencies. Sign up is quick and you can start exchanging your crypto for other cryptos today!

Hope this was helpful, if so please give this a like :)
I am also curious on what are your favorite crypto resources?


Great infos and post... I have binance and i like it also.. but I have found a new exchange and for me this is the best so far, why the best? because they have their daily bonus not only with their own coins but for all the altcoins available from the site just by acquiring their own coins.

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What do you mean daily bonus for altcoins?

Yes, you got it right, once you have acquired their KCS coins, you will receive daily bonus not only on the KCS coins but on all the altcoins( from bitcoins, ltc, ether, dgb, RPX, PPL and so many..)that they have on their sites. Grab the opportunity and sign up now with my ref link above and experience the passive income from kucoins.

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