$10k bitcoin seem overwhelming? Here's why it's really not

in #bitcoin4 years ago

$10k bitcoin might seem overwhelming to most people, Considering the average american has $4,436 in their bank account and almost half the world lives on less than $2.50 a day, its not hard to see why. However, the reality is $10k bitcoin means the same as

$100k = 10 Bitcoin
$5k = 0.5 Bitcoin
$100 = 0.01 Bitcoin
$10 = 0.001 Bitcoin
$1 = 0.0001 Bitcoin

You get the point, The market cap is what matters. Bitcoin market cap is around $163,457,934,031 right now. Lets have some fun and see how it compares to some other things.

Coca Cola(a beverage corporation) has a market cap at $195,000,000,000 which is a lot bigger than bitcoin right now.

New Zealand(population of 4.693 million) GDP is around $198,043,000,000.

A single man Jeff Bezos(CEO of Amazon) is worth $100,000,000,000 which is around 61% of bitcoin market cap

Now these comparisons were just for fun, the reality is bitcoin doesn't compare to any of these.
Right now bitcoin is used globally in a decentralized fashion to store wealth, transact and trade for other currencies. Aka its used as a decentralized global currency.

Now that is pretty big.

So when you realize that its being used as a decentralized global currency but still smaller than Coca Cola, New Zealand GDP and that a single man is worth 61% of its market cap you will realize that its incredibly small!

There is around 3,885,567,619 people online right now and growing

Everyone who is online can get involved in bitcoin within a few minutes even if they want to get involved with just a few dollars :)

So don't let $10k bitcoin feel overwhelming, Its a red herring to the fact that you don't need much to get involved. And that bitcoin is still relativity small to how its being used right now.


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