The Next Big Trend in Crypto… Security Tokens? Checking Out Polymath

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It looks like the next big trend in cryptos could be security tokens.

Security tokens are digitized securities that are representing shares in a traditional financial asset.

In fact, Security Token Academy recently held its first ever Security Token Summit this past June 11 in NYC. You can find some notes on the conference here.

I’ve been reading about it from Lou Kerner, a crypto VC. His latest here. He predicts in 2019 we’ll see more issuance of Security Tokens than Utility Tokens.

So naturally I’m checking out projects affiliated with the Security Token sector.

The first project on the list is Polymath (POLY). This is one I actually wrote about in August 2017 when the token symbol was PLY and they were planning to launch the platform in October of 2017. Well much has changed since then.

Polymath is a platform for security tokens. They plan on advancing securities on the blockchain the way Ethereum helped advanced tokens.

That means getting things like stocks, bonds, private equity, and venture into security tokens and onto the blockchain.

There’s many advantages to security tokens. They can trade 24/7/365, you can have fractional ownership, there’s increased transparency, increased liquidity, and it gives easier access to investors around the world.

Polymath aims to bridge the gap between traditional securities and the blockchain with its security token platform.

The platform is powered by Polymath’s native token, POLY. There’s 1 billion total with about 276 million in circulation now.

Polymath is also creating its ST20 token standard. It’s kind of like ERC20 for Ethereum. Polymath’s ST20 token standard simplifies the process of creating and investing in security tokens. The ST20 token standard is open-source and has KYC (Know Your Customer) built-in.

To learn more about Polymath check out the website.

Soon, we’ll go from talking about ICOs – initial coin offerings, to STOs – security token offerings.

What do you think of Security Tokens and Polymath?

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There seems to be a trend of coins trying to recreate what ETH has done for smart contracts. Steemit with SMT and this POLY with STOs. There are others. Until something starts functioning like promised will the growth in users explode. I will wait and see. Thanks.

2018 moving into 2019 will be the rise of the Security Tokens. I think that last years ICO's left a bad taste in investorss mouths. Something like 70% of ICO's from 2017 failed to raise their goal. The scene was rampant with scams and schemes and I think that has scared off 'traditional' investors. The exciting thing about STO's is the compliant nature of the space. STO's are attractive to traditional equity investors because of their SEC and FINRA compliance. I'm waiting for the trillions of $$$'s in already existing equity to become tokenized.

2018 has more ico and in turn more scams. I am recommending to tread lightly. Do due dilligeance before investing. Thanks

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It can be next etherium.

I know Trevor and John from POLY and they are great guys. I think it still remains to be seen whether they can produce a viable securities platform.

If they do, it will be amazing.

Nice information. This is a project people should learn about.

Polymath is a very strong project and it can be the next big thing in this crypto spae.

This is certainly big trend sir,your blog is helping us a lot.

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This is certainly next big thing in crypto.

This is awesome sir your blog is best place to learn about crypto.

I think security tokens will be large but I think social media tokens will be the next big thing in crypto, much bigger than Security tokens. We only have a small taste of social media tokens so far in Steem but with the launching of EOS with a very high transaction time, and no transaction fee I predict that the new decentralised facebook and twitter is just around the corner. Facebook along has 2.19 billion users if they can all of a sudden start getting paid crypto for their daily facebook use they will leave facebook and go to the new replacement of fb. This will cause a mass adoption of cypto and will be the biggest thing ever to happen in the crypto world.

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I find crucial information about cryptocurrencies on your blog. That's helped us a lot.

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Last year it was privacy coins now it wil be security tokens,thank you sir.