Give BTC another thousand fiat dollar haircut since this initial post.......BOOM

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Just updated it. Although we bounced back to 5K and change. I think a lot more bitcoin and crypto is held by big fish wall street guys and there gonna keep dumping as long as markets crash. Only thing that would stop bitcoin crashing to 2K eventually is close to hyperinflation

I know, that balloon popped pretty nastily !trdo

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That's why I have both PMs, Crypto, and Passive income on top of my preps.

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Well, lets wait and see. Gold and Silver got hit as well, even though not as bad as shares or cryptos. But I'm pretty confident metals will take off big time soon. Cryptos... we will see.
But the stock market is toast. It will perhaps end up 80 or 90% down, after a long decline, like in the 1930s.
Then it looked like this:

See the initial crash end of '29? Thats what we see now. Then a partial recovery, followed by a long slow decline to 10% of the high in mid 1932.
At which point a lot of people were totally ruined. And not only bankers, everybody wanted to participate in the stock market bubble in the late 1920s. One prominent victim was Groucho Marx (I assume you know him). He was a huge Hollywood star during the 1920s and made stacks of money. He lost it all in the stock market crash. Only his popularity saved him in the 30s, enabling him to make more movies and earn new money.
By far not everybody was so lucky....

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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