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If you're like me, you've taken the golden rule of investing to heart and apply it to cryptocurrencies: DIVERSIFY


With all the excitement of the ongoing Cryptocurrency and Steem rally, I find myself constantly checking coin prices. With a sufficiently diverse cypto-portfolio, however, this becomes a bit of a chore, and it's easy to let a coin fall through the cracks. That's why I've decided to create a simple Excel spreadsheet which can automatically grab all the coin prices and refresh your total portfolio value on the fly.

Available here!


Just fill in the coin's code and amount (first two fields in each row) and the rest of the fields will automagically populate. If you're new to excel I can also provide support in the comments.


While there are websites which track crypto portfolios, they are generally neither secure, nor private. This spreadsheet is, however. It doesn't use VBA, and it doesn't upload any of your information to the internet. It only relies on two HTTP GET requests (one to Bitstamp, and one to Poloniex), to get a realistic value of all the coins available on Poloniex. You don't even have to update those values if you aren't comfortable with it, but the requests are completely anonymous and are not specific to the coins you input into the spreadsheet.


You do need to manually refresh the fields that make the HTTP requests. This was the best way to ensure the spreadsheet can be trusted.

More options

Nevertheless, you may be weary of trusting an Excel spreadsheet you find on the internet. If there is interest, I can put similar functionality into a Python script, and post the source code on Github. There's no convenient way of doing this without requiring some internet connectivity, so that may always be a concern for you.


Let me know what you think and any feature requests you may have. Again, if there's interest, I can implement rudimentary history, so you can track your portfolio value over time. It makes more sense to do this with the potential Python implementation, so I'll leave it up to you to decide what you'd prefer.

As an aside, is there a preferred filesharing service for Steemians?

(100% power-up post)


thanks for sharing good information....^^

Thanks! I'm glad you've found it useful!

I put up a review of the most notable softwares to track your portfolio on this post. Hope it helps you !

While spreadsheet might work initially very soon you will start realising the limitations. I prefer automating the imports of my trades and track it privately using a Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tool like Cointracking.

Thanks for that ! I came up with a new review of the best softwares to track your crypto portfolio hopefully it could be of some use !

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