Why We Need Money ?

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Not for forever, but since real long, money has been the center of human life. Since I remember crying for a chocolate with my mom to now while I get a chocolate to my daughter, many things have changed, but money had been the same. Money has been a substitute for people's need, choice, and freedom. After the technique of exchanging rice grains with wheat had come to end by the prelude of coins and papers with value, money had been an easier way to conduct life. So the point is despite coming a long way from the ancient period, the lust we have on money is just the same. In another hand, money has been a cause of disappointment and conflicts in the world while it was supposed just to be a means of exchanging good.
The tremendous use of money can never be leaned (or even if we can, is that really necessary?). It is unavoidable in everything we do from early morning to late at night. Our breakfast may cost more than 500 bucks and dinner cost even more. Our apartment may have thrown you to serious debt issues. Our brush to your bed, our coat to your car, everything is a collection against the money. Pretty clearly, money is a medium to your needs and choices. Its use is obligatory rather than a will. And to be peculiar, money has owned us with our requirements fulfilled with it.
Our job, your enterprises, your almost all day and weeks are worth some cash. For our lust for material goods, every human activity has been allied with the gain of money. Even the connection and relationship of people is more like relation to money. Besides basic needs, money helps for your education, and involvements making you a strong individual. It gives your freedom and versatility in choices.

But, the questions is, is money worth everything? No, obviously not. Money is not life, but just a medium to make life easier. Obviously, a car with AC could make life easy, but that doesn't be you can't be living without it. Do I even need to mention that many people in developing countries are contented with life and felicitous even in the minimum wages, while many billionaires are still perishing about life? But the situation is worst when relationships of human are linked with money. Combating of brothers for the property, divorce with a wife for money, conflicts with parents and similar activities is making human life a miserable one. Money has been a reason for wildness among social animal.
A handsome sum of money in the pocket might give a luxurious life, but it's your behavior and morals that can give you socially respectful life. It might be a medium to fulfill your dreams but is just one over of many such mediums. So, the most crucial thing about money is it is just a part of life, not life itself. If you have less, use wisely, if you have more, share with needy ones.

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