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RE: More stunning pictures from my travels and I ran out of money again giving (4,000 peso) it away Direct to Vendors...and why bitcoin is here to stay!

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Thx Diana. Reply text failed. I told my hotel here I am checking out January 29. So if you have time and want to make some calls I need a hotel for 3-15 days in Quadalajara. Budget around 450 peso night with WiFi. I can pay you for your time investigating hotel or loft etc as well. I don't speak Spanish so hard for me to make the calls. I will take taxi from lake chapala on 29th.


Ok yeah! I'll check that, there are some around here and is a pretty good area, add me on fb so we can talk better there, don't worry you don't have to pay me haha is always cool to meet people
my fb is

Excellent. FB Paul Collin Nelson BC.

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