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RE: More stunning pictures from my travels and I ran out of money again giving (4,000 peso) it away Direct to Vendors...and why bitcoin is here to stay!

in #bitcoin4 years ago

I don't see it but will look forward to it and thank you in advance. I hope it encourages others to do same.


Great daer keep smile i am following you

Mr. Paul first take thanks from my are really doing great things for helpless a days we have no time to help someone whose are helpless.we are bussy to our works and our are creating example how to help people whose are helpless.and many people take encourage from your post.keep doing it,God Will help you.......i also beleive this "The Best Region Is Mankind"@greenman

you are a great soul @greenman to stay with you


i likes your reply

Sir I ready your previous posts and found you are generous to upvote your followers. Your posts are really informative and interesting for us all. I appreciate you direct charity work. Keep posting and supporting steemians community. Thanks.

@greenman I like your posts because you made something make all the world talk about it and I really love that it show your perfect personality you have good and nice and so helpful person I wish that you always success in your life because you when you win you make people be happy with you thanks a lot of all great things you do in this life and thanks a lot for showing us the life and give to us a new respect to the world goodjob boss (((( resteem ))))) upvote

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