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RE: VW Van (update) and living within your means and why you should buy just a bit of bitcoin. Thailand pictures continued, Merry Christmas!

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Thx, I would agree with some profit taking I am only 98% sure.


Good Santa :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

sir can i have your email ? i need some personal suggestion from you about crytpo investment
.plz replay me .

i regret of having no any bitcoin other all the smart one taking advantage and i have to see them on this stage bitcoin goes up its price to much i can afford it 😢


It must have been a great show
But what did not understand that 80% of Chinese tourists
Is this a reference to their number over one billion

hey friend @trumpman ... i appreciate you comment and you real talking in bitcoin profits.....
i pray for you friend @greenman ,,, ,nicely travel
carefully travel friend @greenman
tenor (1).gif

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greenman

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