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My electric fat tire bike is ready for my travels and the VW van should be ready early next week.

The world is way too complicated for anyone to really care so they don't pay attention.

Did you know that in 2008 when the banks seized overnight lending to each other for 30 days because they did not trust each others financial statements that the western world became bankrupt? And in order to prevent systemic failures of companies and countries the world has been printing money ever since - currently printing to the tune of at least $250 billion (USD equivalent) per month or $3 Trillion dollars per year! This is called inflating the value of your money away. Who cares?

Did you know that the Japanese government now owns 75% of the countries Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)? This is called nationalizing your companies:

Should you care and or do the money dudes or governments have your back?

This is a good clip for those wanting more from a common sense point of view:

Another excellent short video on the topic:

The following link is big news as I suspect China said if you do this we will double our purchases of oil from you:

The future is here:

"The W3C is already working with third-party payments apps to integrate both crypto-currency and non-credit card forms of payment into the API in a way that can be interpreted by merchants and consumers.

"So, for example, you might identify a particular bitcoin payment method with a URL, and then people can distribute payment apps that declare their support for that payment method," Jacobs said.

The Web Payment Working Group’s next face-to-face meeting on the browser-based API is scheduled for November 6 and 7, with a demo scheduled to take place on October 23 to show how Airbnb, Google and Mastercard are using the API."

The following video will let you understand how you are being left behind by not owning any crypto-currency:

For more on my travels, photography and living in a VW Van, within my means of pension revenue of $750.00 per month follow me here.


Nice photography!!its cool!!

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It is true that his publications are really very beautiful

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very interesting information I hope the group that supports crypto money will win

i have seen there is cycle of recession in every 20 or 25 years and thats truth but if you take the recession of 2008 into account and if you asses the present market scenario then the recovery may not be that organic and more of a synthetic recovery that means the fundamental has to do much more to called as a real recovery.

So whenever recession will be there the paper currency will be printed in trillions to save the economy and so many regulations will be attached to those fund.

So it is always better to adopt blockchain and crypto where you are thr true master of your own money.

Thank you and once again a very nice blog.

Living frugal is the key to saving, saving will create capital for when opportunity knocks. Love the bike!

Yah the electric bike really looks powerful

Excellent as usual. As one system dies another will blossom.

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greenman your bicycle photography so wonderful.
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In the 2005–2014 petrodollar surge, financial decision-makers were able to benefit somewhat from the lessons and experiences of the previous cycle. Developing economies generally stayed better balanced than they did in the 1970s; the world economy was less oil-intensive; and global inflation and interest rates were much better contained. Oil exporters opted to make most of their investments directly into a diverse array of global markets, and the recycling process was less dependent on intermediary channels such as international banks and the IMF.
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Great post. very useful information. thanks for your posting.
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A very important information you have given about the importance of owning a crypto-currency. It is something a lot of people need to know, if they do not want to be left behind. Upvoted and resteemed. Once again i really love that electric fat tire bike.

Really an amazing bike sir 😊

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Your electric bike seems great! Few days ago one of my friend told me about a HYBRID bike which runs 45 Km on battery power and then shifted to petrol. While it's running via petrol that bike is recharge it's batteries and when 100% charged it's back to battery power. So, great inventions are coming...
As you said here, different different technologies are coming and people absorb them to their businesses. Now Block chain technology here and people absorbing it!

A great article you have written with great pacts and videos! Perfect work and thank you very much for sharing with us!




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And perfect work @greenman
I really like your bike...I always like ride bikes..
And thank you so much your great xnalyse about crypto...I think this analyse is very useful to new crypto me...
I respect your ideas..
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i am not good at economic debate but i loved the bike and those fat tire are looking great in alignment with that simply excellent choice and one more cool thing is that vw van should be ready by next week now i will be waiting for that how it turned out resteemed and upvoted

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The electric bike is powerful, that is why it is catching alot of attention.

That's a wonderful photography greenman.

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nice bike you have @greenman

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Lovely electric bike.

Hahahahaha this is quite funny. He loves his bike more than his wife. But is it electric bike duo?

xd, he had been caught red-handed
JPMorgan involved in bitcoin trading when its CEO sees this currency as a "fraud"

I like the fact that you're living within your means...
Be sure to hold onto your Pocket Change along the way...

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what a bike..!!Excellent as usual. As one system dies another will blossom.

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wow fantastic electric bike, the bike looks so cool and attractive, a vital data you have given about the significance of owning a digital currency. It is something many people need to know. thanks for sharing

Money is second god and crypto currency is going to rule the world. love those vehicle runs on fuel.peace.

Love the bike, especially that it's electric.. This way you can get over the hills.. Are you planning to take it with the VW when you go for travel?


So show us the pictures when the vw is ready with the bike carrier. Where do you plan to travel? Ship the vw to Europe And take a Europe tour😉

Nice.. and by careful you don't drive over the STEEM power ranger


Excellent mechanical system your bike.

Nice topic . Creative post . I here it 1st time that the Japanese government owns 75% of the countries Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)? Nice information @greenman .......................................
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Living thrifty is the way to sparing, sparing will make capital for when opportunity thumps. Love the bicycle!, Brilliant obviously. As one framework passes on another will bloom. have a very happy and cheerful week end ahead.

Really nice post, all this things are just insane and most people is not aware.
Btw that bike rocks! Cheers following you now

Great day to you, @greenman, Your electric bicycle appears to be incredible! Scarcely any days prior one of my companion enlightened me concerning a HYBRID bicycle which runs 45 Km on battery power and afterward moved to petroleum. While it's running by means of petroleum that bicycle is energize it's batteries and when 100% charged it has returned to battery power.A incredible article you have composed with awesome agreements and recordings! Consummate work and much thanks for imparting to us!

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With interest I'm waiting for a video where you ride this super bike :)

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Investing in cryptos can save our future and our hard earned money from the govt. .They just want to have the power to ruin common people lives.
Good article.👍
Long live cryptos.

Good day to you Paul Collin sir, your posts are very useful! I am new in contract with crypto but after the videos, post and comments i understand more and more! Thanks!

Its just a matter for time when cryptocurrency become mainstream

Saving is the earning of the future. If one thing disappears, another appears in a new form.

Wow greenman nice electric fat tire bike is ready for travel.

WOW !WOW! WOW...the video is very nice and amazing pic....thanks for sharing .....upvoted..

Hit the off roads on your fat bike, the tires look impressively fat :-) Curious how your VAN look like.

Agreed with you buddy

whenever recession will be there the paper currency will be printed in trillions to save the economy and so many regulations will be attached to those fund.

wow the bike is looking super cool looks like we are going to have loads of fun in the next week as expected :D

Wonderful, very useful information.

I love the read this kind of post, thanks alot for the info on that!

Wow, your bike is super. double disc brake. it is more than a bicycle is a transformer


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i must say science has reached the sky 😍 i love electric vehicles

Excellent as usual. As one system dies another will blossom.

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Man I really don't know about this but I feels I need to be learn these types of knowledge!
Truly my banks knowledge is nill and I loved to see your electric bike it's were really awesome and thanks for sharing with us these great knowledge!

Big thumbs up!

You made that electric bike yourself? Or is it available in the market?I haven't seen such bike before,so just curious.

No I did not make it. It is available on the market. The brand is FELT.

Oh.. cool. Looking at those screws and bolts in the garage and you love for modifying the van, I was in a opinion that you tried to modify the cycle.

Nope, not my shop and I am not doing the work on the Van either.

I really liked it and I upvoted and resteemed

I wonder how you paid for the bike, can not you SD?

fatbikes are awesome, mine was not electric though :| 21389472_1859640024052987_1140532325_o.jpg



Very impressive view of the bicycle, and where is the pedal? is on now. I will update with new pictures next week once I get the van and the bike loaded.


Great, can't wait for the pictures of the completed van... maybe you should also visit the factory of westfalia on your VAN trip..

Oops, thats nt a bike which you did "load"

Well I'll wait, very interesting.

Great post and valuable post. very looking for power electric bike.

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looks like the web payment is about to witness some major growth and development this seems quite good indeed but we need to see how the development around it grows thanks for the update @greenman about all these up voted and resteemed

On your FATbike you could travel every road, even the moon is possible.

No Limits ahead!

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The Bike looks like a machine. Massive tires for massive fun.

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Amazing electric bike. I just imagine that when you ride it then what's your feeling?
Before read and watch this I have no idea about this information so much helpful information so many people have no idea about it.
Thanks a lot.

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Wow great news your electric fat tire bike finally ready for travels. now it's looks fantastic. You and your electric bike have a great fun. Now you should go to discover the beauty of the world with your bike .
I have a hobby to see beauty of the nature. if I have an electric bike as like your then I can not wait for a single moment. I loveee travel with you.....
Thanks for sharing But I'm little bit of Jealous.

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wow electric bike thats really beautiful