Update Travel Pics...bitcoin why watching market cap of all crypto's is important - "Direct to Vendor" Donation Audit Trail using Steemit:

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I landed in Mexico and partnered up with a friend that is 'expert in area' and has a 'paradise on the ocean' she is sharing with me. It was a long flight from Thailand to Mexico via Vancouver & Calgary. Here are a few airport display pictures that are worth a quick look. Zoom in (especially if you are using your cell to view) as this camera is outstanding and you can see so much more of the picture:



The food so far in Mexico has been amazing with crazy cool culture the most romantic venues and unbelievable value.


If you read my last two blogs you will remember I wanted to take pictures of vendors for this blog but at the same time I was brainstorming about wanting to donate some of my investment gains as charity. I thought I would ask the vendor for permission to take their picture. Then I thought I bet some would ask for money for such. That is fair and I would give them what they asked for but then an 'eureka moment' came and I thought if they don't ask for money I would blow their mind with a donation equal to many hours/days/weeks of their hard work.


The vendor below said yes to me taking his picture and had a big smile with his surprise donation 10x what the lady above asked for and received. Zoom in on the picture below to look around and also see the money in his hand and his son was having to be with him and was under the table:

The lady below said yes and loved her donation zoom in and see her beauty:

Most of the donations to date have came in from some of the people acknowledged below and as you can see from your computer or cell phone 'within my Steemit wallet' their transfers of Steem to me. And in the pictures posted in these blogs you can see the steem exchanged for local currency and donated direct to the vendors with the money displayed in their hands! This could be the first blockchain transparent donation platform? Should you want to directly see your money in the hands of 'hard workers', well near or below the poverty line please donate to this new '100% Transparent Direct to Vendors' on a 'etched in history extremely hard to censor' blockchain technology steemit, by transferring steem to me and I will post pictures of the money transferring 'Directly to Vendor'. Should this grow large enough I will register the charity so I can give you a donation tax receipt.

Some of the founder donators of this 'Direct to Vendor' 100% transparent charity are here thanks you: @tohamy7, @shadflyfilms, @tamurah, @santy, @borgheseglass, @daisyphotography, @michaellamden68, @max1994 and the first one to donate on this platform @offgridlife


The video below explains exactly why I fell in love with blockchain, and once you understand the blockchain that can be trusted the most, it should be the one that has best store of value and IMO (in my opinion) bitcoin wins that category hands down:

I follow the total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations (value) and find it funny watching ripple a coin designed very well growing into second position this week. I find it funny as it is centralized and really only a better version of current bank money the world has already. Totally not a 'store of wealth' like bitcoin was designed to do on a trust-less system. I am going to predict here on this blockchain steemit that ripple will produce the biggest fraud in human history one day and the sheeple (unaware tax payers) will cover the expense of that.




Happy new year ....Sir...@greenman

Happy New Year! May the New Year bring to you warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination.

Many of the commentors totally cannot distinguish the block-chain technology and bitcoin. While bitcoin transactions are performed on the block-chain, she is talking about the security market should be managed using block-chain technology just like bitcoin so you know exactly how owns the security when it is bought and sold instead of the too many shenanigans being played on Wall Street where the bad actor can siphon off the top due to the archaic accounting system.

Thanks for expanding!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey and beautiful photos .
I wish you a successful journey and more success in the New Year .

Your welcome sir ! bitcoins are the future!! @greenman

happy new year @greenman.stay blessed with enormous blessings of almighty god.

i hope you will be more possitive in new year.and we will go more to you

Nice photographi and Nice information for us

belated happy new year...........................DQmXp5sQtQQggFAqJcVq6EZpgDGQPaXNztmvGX3oQdB2teB.gif

yes I am agree with you this guys are totally distinguish every comment is fully comersial.....

I follow the total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations (value) and find it funny watching ripple a coin designed very well growing into second position this week

This is really amazing and I don't think it suprises you as much as it suprises me.

You bet I expect it and lots of the funds in ripple will move to bitcoin (to pump and dump) so really this is extremely good for all crypto acceptance!

Happy new year sir .

happy new year sir can you help me to grow in here in steemit then i will be very glad seens i start not get any kind peraon to help i see you help all hope i also get your support ☺

Do you think Ripple be adopted by banks?

Hello @greenman,

Keep up the good work in helping the poor.

Can we continue the donation?

Happy new year.



Yes. All steem transferred to me for donating will go to charity.

Ok i will be sending some steem to you soon again @greenman.

Thanks for the charity. On the ground there are not many such people. Happiness in the New Year !!!

Awesome. We will send more for Charity wherever you may be.

It is really good thing to donate for charity. I also do so for poor people. It gives me serenity.

She is incredible! I wish her and Andreas Antonoupolis sat down with all of these skeptics, including governments and news outlets to really set the record straight and open so many eyes, she is aw inspiring!

Thank you for your kindness in 2018 for me.☺👍👏👏

hey boss ,PAUL COLLIN
i was analyzing on google about greenman ...but i found some funny thing for you.
that is here

Cryptocurrency can make us rich to take care of ourselves. I truly believe that. But what I also believe is that it will make us fit enough to serve the needy as well.

It is certainly not easy for all to give. Each one is struggling in their own ways. But that is the beauty of life is it not? One who has seen the tough time will empathise better towards the one suffering. Such a one when self sufficient can immediately think of helping others. When I put in efforts to earn, I may as well put in little efforts along to share.

One may be poor out of illiteracy, another may be due life's burden of heavy responsibilities, another may be out of sheer laziness and some may be unable to meet the sudden needs of life. But the fact is same. They all need help. In many ways it can be addressed.

I congratulate you on the New Year and wish you happiness and success! Thank you Paul and Resteem

Every time she's saying something that I really want to hear, he interrupts her! So frustrating! Why doesn't he use a pencil and make notes, so he can ask his question, AFTER SHE FINISHES HER SENTENCE?

Blockchain is a revolution that is already happening.
Why did I fall in love with the Blockchain? Planes made it possible to transfer people over the whole world, internet and e-mail made it possible to exchange information within seconds, with the Blockchain we can exchange value and information within seconds in a trusted way :)
hapy new year dear @greenman

Sorry to late wish new year. To see the hard work of this lady i m some upset but happy that u help her and give her a smile....also i appriciate u sir and wish u that u make ur work more best of your charity in whome world and one day world will know your charity as a brilliant hope...


Happy new year mr green man, will be following your journey in 2018 too. I took some ripple, probably gonna sell if it ever hits $100 each thou ;)

Perfect. I will probably buy some for same.

i see you are doing great job helping community and the people's it's appreciatble i should show you some respect from my heart ❤ may hod bless you in this new year .. @greenman

Wow, what a coinsident! I already buy some ripple for same.

merry christmas :)

Happy New Years, I'll catch up with you soon to speak more about the "Foundation" as i have interest from some groups already !


This elephant congratulates you on the new year and invites you to me Thai bath



Love Putin BearPicks :D

Star Wars is bearish! Thank you Paul and Resteem

Last year was very interesting on the Crypto currency, I hope that the come-on will please us all this year.restem.

Those photography you have taken are so beautiful and awesome..
So generous of you and that of those who helped in the donating for the donation to the vendors.
God bless you.

merry christmas :D

Could #Bitcoin reach staggering $100 000/Bitcoin in the first half of 2018? This is a possible outcome as long as we respect the key horizontal support, parabola support as well as the upper 2017 logarithmic channel trend line support (top orange line) near $11000. $btc

this is SO fantastic. I have been thinking to do this myself here in India, as indeed a few dollars goes a VERY long way for these people...

I couldnt decide if it was OK to use the reward pool like this so I didnt do it.. but it is inspiring to see what you are doing and how easy it can be... maybe using just a little bit of the rewards pool to help people who are in need is a good thing!

Wow friend, what you do is amazing, i have a team from our church (i am pastor) working with me in venezuela helping needed kids and communitys, what you do is inspiring for me, i am new here on steemit i and don't know many things but i hope when i got the chance and resources to donate to this proyect. Stay blessed. Follow and resteem.

From Thailand to Mexico, wow! Two of the greatest cuisines, I’m jealous!

I agree with you about ripple, and I’ve never thought of it as a true crypto currency. The fact that banks are behind it seems incredibly counterintuitive to the spirit of crypto and the recent rise of its value could be very detrimental to cryptos in general in the future.

Happy New Year!

Happy New year, your doing an excellent job! Nice to see some good people out there.

Hi Paul Collin at I want to say Happy new year....

Bitcoin, the world's first and largest cryptocurrency, and the blockchain, which is its underlying technology, have the potential to change everything from record keeping to the global financial system. The blockchain is a decentralized database that allows individuals to trade directly without the need for a third-party intermediary. Bitcoin is free-market money that runs on the internet, and it isn't controlled by a political entity or central bank. It's easy to see bitcoin and the blockchain as logical extensions of the internet, with the potential to shift power from governments to individuals. It's also not clear how a fully decentralized money and public-ledger system are going to be implemented and brought to bear on everyday life.
Every one should understand about blockchain

~Resteem sir~

Amazing post. mexico is a beautiful place, but what is next. I know you like travel. best of luck.thanks for the new blog. that is great and nice photography.
@greenman loots of wishes for your next outing ......
waiting for the next one.love you sir.


When yo give, more people gives you. Is a law of life. Bless to you

I am a bit sad seeing Ripple in 2nd position, media manipulation. Money, money, money, people buying Ripple simply don't understand what this revolution is about.

Spot on


Hi my friend Paul Collin @greenman You have a long travel this days and it was interesting beautiful photos you made, but the most important thing your generosity to the people it was amazing. Your storing treasures in heaven. Godbless you brothe.

excellent, thanks for sharing!
Hodl BTC!

Collecting Ripple and Bitcoin in 2018 .....

The pictures are so nice. I love it.
As you travel all around, may you have a save trip.
Happy New Year to you @greenman..
How generous of you. You are a good example and a point of motivation as you give out the donations.


Would i be able to recommend and additionally the defilement inside the current money related framework, that the VOLUME of credit needs investigation.

Keeping money was broadly deregulated in the 1980s.....so now govts, holds banks, and business banks are plotting to anticipate subsidence/sadness by growing credit past what is capable.

This is most effectively comprehended by looking at the rates of development of GDP and credit.If credit is becoming quicker than GDP, that is a genuine warning that credit is in

oversupply and being bolstered into non-profitable channels.

for example, private housing!!!I can't forgo remarking while you read your post and remarks.. :) @greenman

images (57).jpg

I have some Bitcoin. What would be better if I kept it for the future? ... friend

Yes and only use it if you need it for overhead.

Can I suggest as well as the corruption within the current financial system, that the VOLUME of credit needs analysis.Banking was widely deregulated in the 1980s.....so now govts, reserves banks, and commercial banks are colluding to prevent recession/depression by expanding credit beyond what is responsible.This is most easily understood by comparing the rates of growth of GDP and credit.If credit is growing faster than GDP, that's a serious red flag that credit is in oversupply and being fed into non-productive channels, such as residential housing!!!I cannot refrain from commenting while you read your post and comments.. :) @greenman

Thank you so much. I will always try to avoid spending Bitcoin. I'll keep it for the future. @greenman

thanks for post :)

Happy New Year !!!

happy new year -2018 @greenman

Yes, i also keep some bitcoin for future.

it's always god to see your post sir.sorry for the late ......
Happy new [email protected]@resteem this post.

It is very important for you to share with us today. It is very important for me. It is very important for me to talk about you

Yes it can surely be the most transparent donation platform. there's no option to cheat. And i hope more and more people will join the donation projects once they come to know of the transparency of the blockading. they will not just be satisfied by the fact that they have given something to the people in need, but they can also track and watch where the money has gone. Donating to your cause had given me the satisfaction similar to giving someone by my own hand. It was a great initiative indeed. Seeing my contribution making someone smile thousand miles away is a pleasure beyond description :)

As for the crypto, I must say that i'm new in the sector and I'm still learning. I've basically joined this platform because i love to write poems and articles about the things that interest me. However, this platform and your articles helps a lot to enhance my understanding of crypto and I think my knowledge is increasing by day - so, I thank you for that :)

Closed code bases will always be insecure. Open source is the most secure. Witness bitcoin, which is the ultimate hacker's target.

welcome mexico and i really feel good and appriciate ur work sir that u help them and start great work. NEW FOLLOW+RESTEEM

How can anyone afford to have a luxury like “celebrating New Year” when they can't even “celebrate having a happy one square meal per day?” !!!
For all the poor in the world i would to say..

Happy New Year. Very nice to be mentioned in your post. I will send more Steem for direct distribution.

Happy new year 2018 @greenman so you spent your new year in Mexico. Great to accompany expert tourist partner if you want to visit some place. Pics are awesome as usual. wow great that meixcan food is tasty. glad to readthat you helped the needy one. Blockchain is just awesome technology and cryptocurrency is certainly the currency of new era. Ripple is doing great these days but who know what will happen next. Thanks for your in depth analysis and video. Have a nice time in Mexico.


Its 2am Nigerian time and is 2018, wishing you a very wonderful new year

Happy new year @greenman
Resteem this post sir

Greeting from Morocco @greenman amazing post and wonderful photos thanks for sharing Resteemed

@greenman sir Such a wonderful and thankful work my dear friend... Actualy....I'm always respect to your works and…

greenman decent to see your extraordinary trip for your philanthropy work and about btc your expectations are currently valid and I likewise stich with btc still.....
images (63).jpg

Hey Paul Collin Sir @greenman
I think you are one of better andkindly steemian in this platform...
Donation is great...great...great... idea...
No more words...
Wel do e and perfect work sir...
Upvoted and
Happy new Year 2018...

What a happy moment when you travel a far distance to meet a friend and it would be nice to see your Cryptocurrencies in your hands

Hey @greenman..... it's always great to see your report and always have investors to take the right decision for your post you really done a great work. upvoted and resteem
HAPPY NEW YEAR @greenman . I hope you have done a lot of good day in 2017 and the next all days will be a lot better.
tenor (7).gif tenor (1).gif

I am not a financial advisor and think people wanting to work at it and trade crypto will most likely in my opinion make money and most likely more than me. I have done well and if people follow my allocation I believe we will all do good. I am not a trader my position is long term i.e., multiple years. Thanks.

She is incredible! I wish her and Andreas Antonoupolis sat down with all of these skeptics, including governments and news outlets to really set the record straight and open so many eyes, she is aw inspiring! @greenman

Thank you for viewing. Glad you liked it.
2017 was a stressful year, although because of cryptocurrencies a very prosperous. I look forward to a calmer year in 2018!
yes @greenman you are right and you are great man.i always support your creativity and your post..may god bless you and your family.

*************Wish your happy new year ad family sir**************
This is great post and wonderful photography


excellent gif friend @goldcoin

#Cryptocurrency events on January 1st, 2018:

$KMD Bitcoin Dark swap
$PAY Worldwide card issuance
$ARDR Platform launch
$PHR Roadmap publication
$XRB New exchange listing
$LRC Roadmap publication
$LINX Wallet update deadline
$EXP DAO test launch
$UBQ Vote tokens distribution

The more i look into blockchain, the more i'm convinced it's the start of decentralizing everything. Now just now long till we start seeing the first decentralized government models being formed...
As usual great post, love the donation thing you are doing.

super post happy new year sir

Hello dear @greenman

The food so far in Mexico has been amazing with crazy cool culture the most romantic venues and unbelievable value. 

Seems like you are truly enjoying the new year in a great traditional way there so beautiful pics and places to see definitely up in my travel wish list after seeing this amazing beautiful place.

 THE GRAND BAY  Looking so grand even in the night must have been an amazing experience for sure :) 


You truly made the day of these vendors who work really hard for their living hat's off to you sir truly Remarkable work you have done can't say much more as my word's will fall shorter to describe :)

  'Direct to Vendor' 100% transparent charity are here thanks you: @tohamy7, @shadflyfilms, @tamurah, @santy, @borgheseglass, @daisyphotography, @michaellamden68, @max1994 and the first one to donate on this platform @offgridlife 

Big Shout out to all these amazing people who have played their part in making someone's day special the best team i have ever seen big thumbs up to all :) 

  I find it funny as it is centralized and really only a better version of current bank money the world has already. 

Looks like bankers are thinking they might lose the opportunity as everyone is moving towards a decentralized approach as a paradigm shift  the bankers now fearing and pumping or anything that they can do ripple is just a bubble of that ... it will hurt later.

With all that being said Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end 

Wishing you a very Happy New year sir.

Cheers to an amazing 2018.

HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR! Thank you for sharing this amazing post and photos! Your a great man, Greenman! Wishing everyone the very best of health and happiness! Positive Energy! Blessed 2018 my Friends! :)

always good to see your post.happy new year sir.wish you a very good [email protected],you deserve it,lots of love................your well wisher.
upvote and @resteem complete.

Reports Of Peter Thiel's Big Bet On Bitcoin Sends Cryptocurrency Higher | CNBC

Peter Thiel coming into the space is just another way of showing people are making money, says David Drake, LDL Capital chairman, discussing the future of digital currencies

Wow excellent post .thanks for sharing this post.
Great travel experience.

Wish your happy new year
100% like and resteen

Love you Sir.

Incredible post sir.
What do you think about it
Morgan Stanley analyst is to be believed, the true value of Bitcoin could be zero."
But i don't think it will happens.

He is correct in saying it could go to zero. Look how Y2K date change freaked out most computer experts. I think the odds of that are way lower than the USD dropping 70% in its purchasing power.

If happen then many people got bankrupt

Donating to charity is a really nice idea and your blessings awaits you as you enter the new year.

The video below explains exactly why I fell in love with blockchain.

Everybody is in love with blockchain and cryptos right now, because, it's as if they are performing magic. The coin that suprised me most is Ripple(xrp), I never knew ripple will get to this stage, I had some ripple months ago but decided to sell it off. But now look at the price soaring high.

Happy new year to you @greenman.. I wish you a successful year ahead.

#Ripple = power to the banks

#Bitcoin = power to the people

Your money is your vote. Choose wisely because this battle will be historic.

$btc $xrp #cryptocurrency

everyone needs to remember taht #XRP #ripple was $0.24 cents about two weeks ago. It hit $2.50 two days ago. So just imagine whats $XVG #XVG #VERGE #Vergecurrency can do after the release of the #Wraithprotocal #Wraith @XVGWhale @vergecurrency @VergeLife #vergefam

Good expansion there is lots of money to be made in cryptos. Personally I am long term holder 5-10 years so my allocation is set for that in my minds eye.

Good job! The faces of those who got the donations are truly happy and pleased by their good luck!
Your camera is magical, I did zoom into the blue art work, very interesting design of symbols hidden inside.
Thank you for telling us about ripple and the future bad news for many people! It is going to be very hard!
I am a newbie still learning about crypto! Steemit is overwhelming me with lots of information. It’s just amazing.

Love your post which is full of funny gifs here. Oh! The last photo of that white dog on the beach! That’s a real treat! You are very good at spotting things, like an eagle!


"Direct to Vendor" Donation Audit Trail using Steemit
that's great....
like a person you are the most kindness person..firstly you have taken step to do like this work for mankind.........

good to see you...travel lover...every where you want to travel i think.
and you notice what's happening beside you ...that is the most kindness for you man'
just salute you.we will support always..
nice picture in mexico city...thailand etc.

love you boss
@ resteemed

I love travel but don't really consider myself a travel lover as I was pushed to travel as it was cheaper than holding down the over head of a home.

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hey greenman,you showed your kindness with your great effort....just amazing.
just love your great work for mankind....
though i have a little bit blance in my wallet...
afterall i gave you 1$ in your wallet to participate with you...
just check it my wallet ....

keep in your mind

always i try to follow you sir.


Your posts always amaze me.
Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.

Just sent you more STEEM for the 100% Transparent Direct to Vendors' on a 'etched in history extremely hard to censor' blockchain technology Steemit, by transferring steem from @OffgridLife

Happy new year @greenman and the picture display at Pacific Center, Vancouver is beautiful. Cheers

I also watch the growth of Ripple with interest, but I do not buy anything yet. But it will be interesting if it surpasses bitcoin :)

And it's great that you share money with poor sellers!

Hi Paul, you make a start from the year 2018 for this woman already perfect.
A gift from heart, appreciated with a big smile.
All the best in 2018 and steem on!


Resteem follow and Upvote done sir.

"HaPpY NeW YeAr"


I am going to predict here on this blockchain steemit that ripple will produce the biggest fraud in human history one day and the sheeple (unaware tax payers) will cover the expense of that.

Am not sure someone can predict right on what blockchain will be tomorrow.

You can't be 80% accurate. Not possible sir.
Happy new year, enjoy the rest of your year in abundant blessing

Like a boss image