Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: Revised Target $13,343

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Bitcoin (BTC) broke $10,000, as projected!! The below shows updated price pathway.

The below is a bit longer term and targets $13,343. If Bitcoin is channeling and we're still on wave 3, then it could potentially even breach the uppder trend line and stay above it! Video has much more details!

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I think the correction happens at $13800, then down to $7800

Thank you for always, somehow, finding the time. I will sleep better tonight, and every night.

I don’t sleep. I wait. Hahhah

Yea I dont know about this. There will be a major correction coming. Just look at the last consolidation. There is absolutely no consolidation after 8000 range. That is the only support I see. I think no matter where it goes there will be billions removed from the market from whenever it hits top. It may be going parabolic but man that correction is gonna be painful. I don't even wanna get back in to it now. I cashed out in the 9k range but this is just insane lol. Well I did expect it to break its previous high by 3k as it always does that. so I suspect we will see a corretion at 11k to 9k to 8k range. Thats just me following the pattern from entire year. Where it beats previous high by a few thousand and then corrects 2000 to 2500.

nice call!

I still can't believe how fast bitcoin is rising at this point.

It's still not rising as fast as others. LBC & BTS would have quadrupled your money if you bought in when Haejin said. Thanks Haejin!

Certainly making an argument for a "parabolic movement". Will be very curious to see where BTC is 12 months from now..

For sure. That’s right. Hahah. It’s all good let hem stay fixated on the huge number. Ima keep flipping not once. Not twice. Quadruple. Lol

Exactly what calendar date does BTC get to $13,343.

If you can send me that date, and with futures markets starting in December, the exact date for $13,343 is GOLDEN information that will let me turn $100 into $10 million.

I assume you must have a specific calendar date, since the prediction is stated as being accurate to the 4th decimal place.

And that is one hell of a phucking accurate prediction. So it must be true.

I read it on the internet.

After watching a few recent videos here, its very interesting that yesterday I went to work and had at one point 6 people in my office all talking Bitcoin! Of course most of them were negative because they didnt buy any but perhaps the tulip frenzy scenario is getting closer....Also makes complete sense with what BTC is doing and might do, that BCH & BTG will follow the trend somewhat as well! thanks again Haejin!!! :)

I will follow you on Twitter to get some crypto price inklings.

I wish you HEALTH and WEALTH!

you called?

Thank you @haejin
I agree, health really is a wealth that cannot be bought.

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Hi @heajin, thanks for another brilliant post.

You posted on Peercoin before, and I have since found a huge similarity in 3 other coins to Peercoin, showing very bullish Cup & Handles about to breakout or in the process thereof, please see below.

Any comments/analysis of the below from you @haejin, would be hugely appreciated.

The two on left, cup & handle; Wave 1 is top of handle, Wave 2 is bottom of handle so now Wave 3 up expected

Peercoin has gone parabolic since posting that.


Wow u have 1200 views! Your hard work is starting to pay off!

Thanks for your upvotes! Hope you're enjoying the ETH profits! It broke out of that triangle!

I am. Just published this. It looks like a new wave is starting.

Wave 5 if I am not mistaken, with a really big longterm view from the entire life of the coin. And after that a big crash should be coming.

Look forward to your analysis.

I have a question. First, I have to admit that I haven't kept up on your videos, so I probably missed you talking about this, but I haven't seen it mentioned in the blog. You said in an earlier video that you sold your BTC when it was somewhere around $7,000, and you were happy and humbly taking your profits. Did you get back in once the projections changed? If not, at what price will you buy back in? Thanks for answering, and thanks for all the info you provide us.

No I did not. The Altcoin species said no
But rather buy more alts

Is that being wushu washy? No
One of the most important lessons learned has been to always know that analysis can change and to change with.

Great question! 👏

I sold before the BCH crisis and got back in at 6600, I got out a few times since then and back in again, always get out when a major retrace is likely and back in when it's less likely, I would expect Haejin to do the same. It may cost you an hour at an exchange but it may be worth it... what happened to me is that I missed out on BTC growth amounting ti about $500, but that's just the price of insurance.
"There will be a major correction coming," sure - but there's millions of people coming into the market these days, every day and BTC is not a bubble because the interest and market cap are growing so fast, there's institutional coming in as well, and therefore the correction is being delayed over and over again.
All the analysts have been surprised like this, Elliott Waves are about human psychology but there are a few factors momentarily influencing that psychology that are very unusual. It's a gold rush.

Hello Haejin. Been following for some time now. And appreciate your analysis particularly on the ALTs. I think the crypto to fiat spending space can be huge and appreciate your reviewing TENX, MCO, and recently TKN. Any chance you can also review CTR at some point? Thanks!

Hi Haejin , your Btc chart at 4.19 was very similar to a chart shown on Bloomberg yesterday( 29/11). He specifically mentioned the 3rd and longest shallow curve (sorry I'm sure there is a correct term for them)
He never called out 3.6m, I think even if he thought it would go to this the producer would never allow it to go public .

They might be studying your methods :) loving your work


You have been remarkable.
So keep up the good work

You reviewed this about a month ago When it was at around $0.02 Now Cardano (ADA) $0.120479 USD (128.65%)

Damn ! So I snuck out of BTC twice these last two days and missed out on about $500 rise for being insured and staying in fiat... last hurried out at 9850 and it was at 10400 when I awoke this morning ! Ugh !
Damn. So I watched the chart intensely, switching from 2 hours to 5 minutes and checking the stochastic, and yay ! Luck.
It came down straight to 9950 while I was at Kraken making an order, rising to 10650 since then.
With this stuff going on, you just have to be woke at the right time, or hodle on through...

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