Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Primary & An Alternate Price Pathway

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NOTE: If this blog gets downvoted; @ranchorelaxo has our backs!!

This is JUST a correction; a very HEALTHY correction!

Overnight Bitcoin (BTC) has been working on placing the circled blue wave 2 correction and it seems perhaps not yet complete. The below chart shows that my primary count is still in play and that the Fractal1 & 2 are active.

I also mark the white and blue boxes to designate another set of fractal. Note how the up/down in the white box is being repeated in the blue box. If the way price moved out of the white box is any indication for how the price will move out of the blue box, it would be something to keep an eye on to confirm the bullish side.

Here is yet another set of bull flag fractals. While the there is no proportionate differences between the two, this fractal also lend support to the bullish scenario. Recall that a fractal is a set(s) of patterns that are very similar but not identical and so can be used to delineate future price pathway implications.

Now to my alternate count. I've consistently said that awareness keeps the panic away and today, that hasn't changed. For those who have been following my blog since June or at least 3 months, will clearly understand the need to consistently maintain an alternate count and at times a second or third alternate. Why? Technical Analysis is not a method of certainty but rather a method of probable outcomes. It identifies as many possibilities; narrows them down to a handful of probabilities from which primary and alternates are selected. The below alternate displays an a,b,c Zig Zag (5,3,5) correction. IF so, then the C wave could take price to a lower low of a bit below $10k. Note also the MACD where the white leading indicator has crossed down below the red lagging indicator. I would state that this represents a different pathway but the same destination. One should have 15% of portfolio in cash to always take advantage of these BTFD opportunities. IF there is zero cash at hand available in a portfolio, the emotional distress of a correction becomes difficult to manage. I overall have 20% constant exposure in BTC; 10% in ETH and 5% each in LTC and DASH. The remaining 70% are distributed into 12-15 Alt coins which I deem as having the most % profit potential.

Please consider reviewing these Tutorials on:
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These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended
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Essay: Is Technical Analysis a Quantum Event?

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


well it's kinda sad how @ranchorelaxo is only supporting one person..

Thanks Haejin. We missed you. Could you please put a post on Verge please. So much of chaos going on there.

@mkcrypto with Verge this is a great post yesterday from my own page......I have had to deal with the same fear......

Bitcoin rises every morning like we all do

Thanks for the update :)

Nice details in your work thank you!

hello haejin


Hello Friends, today my Elliott Wave Principle Book arrived and I found this Picture. Looks like the Chart of BTC! Merry Christmas!

Look that irregular abc correction with the B higher than 5 so cool lol

it's called an expanded flat 😊

nice that you decided to study as well! best of luck to you!!

Mine should be in by Saturday! Can't wait to get studying...

I overall have 20% constant exposure in BTC; 10% in ETH and 5% each in LTC and DASH. The remaining 70% are distributed into 12-15 Alt coins which I deem as having the most % profit potential.

I know you've listed a few in your analysis, but could you give us a brief list of which ones you current hold?


I think everyone would love to see haejin's magic portfolio

Be yourself @haejin. It's all that you can do!

I am very glad to see you posting again! :)

Thank you. Can you kindly do XVG and DGB?

Great post

Your pathway is truly statistical.

Your first path here is very much in line with mine at Hitbtc

I agree and hope we are right.

I think Bitcoin is going to continue to slowly deflate until it hits 4 digits at which point it’ll start to stabilize significantly below its previous highs.

May i ask what those 12-15 alt coins are?

I guess Haejin hold positions of following Alt's: Bitshares, EOS, Steem, BitcoinCash, Ripple, OmiseGo, QTUM, Stratis, Cardano, Ark, 0x, ZCash
Am I right Guys?

Few months ago he posted about his top coins. Included, verge, Bcc, whitecoin, steem

Did he really say BitConnect? That would surprise me...

If my memory serves me correct BCC did feature. This was way back in early October. Whether this portfolio has changed or not ..we shall soon hopefully see

I think it was bitcoin cash. Sometimes you see bitcoin cash as bcc which is confusing since Bitconnect is the same

I think it was bch

Definately Bitshares and Verge:) Whitecoin probably also among them.

Haejin is back! Upvoted and Resteemed! Any updates on Verge? It broke down out of the triangles on both BTC and USD pairs.

My BTC Accounts are like this, I think I should do more trades. Sell high and buy low frequently then I can make some profits!

@Haejin Can you please roll out an update on ZClassic (ZCL). I think a lot is happening on this, I can imagine many millionaires made overnight with this. I think the ship as already left the shore but I am still willing to swim the sea and get into this ship. I think eventually it will sink after Bitcoin private is up, any idea about the price of Bitcoin private.

Dgb is killing me...some updates in it please??
Verge and ripple too.

Have all these coin in losses. Except xrp

Stop letting your emotions control you

DGB to 0.00006600 :) Just be patient.

What analysis did you do to get this number? I saw 1700 sat and 4300 sat but 6600 would definitely be sweet.

Sometimes you habe to be patient and hold,I have those coins.

yes, jmosby is correct. I wait patiently for coins to go up. When they move higher, but not as high as Haejin has predicted they will go, I sell half to book profit. Then watch for it to move to a lower point and rebuy, then ride it to the top. In 2 months I have almost tripled my money. Some times it can take a few weeks or more for a coin to reach its potential.

The thing is that you need to find an exchange that you can trust!

see my blog you may find answers in it.

Thank you again for this up to date and real time summary and analysis. Depend on and appreciate it. Peace.

Thankyou Haejin, your nice post.

Great update and steer on portfolio mix - Haejin we are grateful for your humble and teaching spirit!

While I do not know who you are, you give really good advice. Keep it up

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Yessss yesss!!! He is back!!!!!

Delete message, otherwise you'd be feeding the hate.

delete message cause bernie will downvote you and your account will be limited. I cant upload or anything. upvotes might help but dont know.

Halo,,, # @haejin
Saya sangat menyukai posting anda..

Lovely to see you back Haejin. Hope you had a restful break.

Thank you for a good update :)
could you please take a look at XVG?

Correction to 0.106 BTC most probably, it's almost done, be patient. Check my blog.

Thank you Haejin! Would you be willing to share the 12-15 you are holding that have the greatest potential?

@haejin I love it when you do these alternative scenarios in detail like this, I learn so much more seeing the alternative paths. I've ordered copies of the Elliott Wave Principal on your recommendation for both myself and my brother. Thank you for your excellent tutorials and eye opening methods, keep up the good work!

Please do a Verge update! we are in dire stress over this coin

In the Korean markets, I see a running triangle forming. Now we are on to count E and the bottom could be in or we could go lower. Though my main count is that we will go lower.

I believe if we follow this triangle, that we will bottom out at around 17,577,000 won which adjusted for the 25% inflation that a Korean market has is around $12,260.

Whichever one it is, I also see us going up!

The fibonacci levels point to 30,632,000 won and 34,189,000 won which adjusted for the average of 25% inflation that the Korean markets have turns out to $21,319 and $24,125.

Thank you. Do you ever cover XRP?

XRP update on my blog. Here's an excerpt:


Correction to 0.106 BTC most probably, it's almost done, be patient. Check my blog.

Thanks for the BTC TA.........Could you consider doing Litecoin please. Thanks for you time :)

@haejin master, could you please make a tutorial on how to create 110% portfolio? ;)

Anyways- thank you and wish you massive profits (BTS and XVG update needed!).

great stuff..thanks for all the info. very complete.

Nice to see you back haejin! and thanks for the detailed post.
can some 1 please take a look at some coins for me?
im still pretty new at all of this
worldcoin (WDC) / trollcoin (TROLL) / fujicoin (FJC) / audiocoin (ADC) ?
they are not so popular but looking at the charts i have a feeling they are gonna Moon again. unless btc does a quick rise i think.

Stunning to see you back @Haejin. Expectation you had a soothing break.

Upvoted and resteemed

Thank you very much for sharing a post that attracts friends.

The BITCOIN then, from a downward path, as it passes the months of 2018, will begin an upward course, now is a good time to buy BITCOIN's funds.

Awesome read. simply joining the steemit group. Much obliged

Upvoted and resteemed

I had the same christmas presents😊

welcome back master Lee

Thank you for your post, Heajin. I am glad you are back with us. I have been a long time follower and always liked your very calm manner, something I feared was lost during the last weeks. Now that things settled a bit, I am very much looking forward to reading and listening to your blog again.
Thank you.

thanks for the update!!!

Thanks for the update! Some extra cash on hand just in case the alternate count becomes the pathway.

nice job dude. keep it up..ur posts are valuable for all.thnx :)

Hi @haejin , thanks for the update. ANY news on BTS?

He wrote on BTS. Look 3 posts down. It'll have a correction. You can get out and hop back in later.

I am gonna play your alternate count, master. That is due to the MACD.let's see.

Thinking the same thing

Thanks for the update and the extra insight regarding your holdings, it just becomes apparant that I need to shrink my portfolio a little :-) A key note for our upcoming consultation :-)

Good one! Hodlers not affected.

Gooooood Morning, Haejin...thank you for your update 🙏

Thanks for confirming my primary count (your alternate count)! Been following that possibility since last week and have been hoping to see you acknowledge it. :)

My initial thought was WXY correction. Yesterday I blogged about a possible bear flag. Today it's looking more like a big ABC or confirming WXY.

I made a mistake to put all of my cash into coins and just like you said I'm feel very uneasy right now :(

Hope the prices are going up again so that I can reorganize my portfolio!

Thanks for your insightful post as always! :)

We should not invest in coins?

Hello sir , nice to have you back the best Christmas present ever , king Haejin , but hearing your voice in your tutorials is something we miss even more

follow-up with each other :)

King Haejin Top1 Twister :) Merry Christmas

That's right its a correction caused by new regulation in Korea

Could you please review BNB/Binance coin?

Only worry about Bitcoin at the moment. All coins are doing nothing til it goes on a bull run.

I just read that again : ' 15. It's always better to be out of the market wishing you were in it than in the market wishing you were out of it. Never forget this.'

You're right, we should always have some cash to buy if it drops, just panic sold 2/3 of my portfolio yesterday and bought back some today (lowest price but losing in transaction fee :-( ). If I had some cash for buying if needed I would not have done that and saved some time (and a bit of money).
Anyway happy to see you here again haejin :-)

Haejin I think your portfolio is 125% :-))
I get your point though, and I will follow your advise of 15% cash just in case.

Thanks for the update, as a newbie it is a little stressful to watch. It is nice to have a longer and more thought out prospective. Still don't have a GDAX account but I am looking forward trading.

Thank you Haejin! THank you very much!

Happy holidays Mr. Lee

Could we have an update on XVG? Situation is going insane over there.

Still think they have a strong product but with lack of info and soo much FUD its not good. sentiment is at an all time low. Wraith protocol is the only thing that can save it. John Mc Afee really fucked the coin.

That's one thing which makes the crypto so volatile... somebody spreads some FUD and the coin goes down or up. I don't like this, i hope with more money in the market this thing isn't such volatile.

great read. just joining the steemit community. thanks

please say starjuno i am waiting for her posting and I will always be on your side. cheer up.

What a Christmas present having you back! I wonder if you could reveal a few other coins than Verge, Bitshares, Steem, Whitecoin that I believe sit in your 70% portfolio? I am Dane: ) Your reputation is spreading throughout the world and I recommend you at any opportunity.

Thankyou Haejin, your nice post.

I missed you. haejin....I do not know what happened.
It's so nice to come back.

Make Some noise for @haejin .. Thank god you're back ..all coins were dancing when you're not around ..Things will turn positive from now ..Ya ROCK \m/

While sounds nice to have 15% in cash...I am trying to avoid adding to my tax bill which is already ridiculous just for trading coins to coins and not even taking out much the prices hang strong or rise close to recent peaks first of year to then 'cash out " a bit and worry about that tax a year from now...

Also..I have tried to build a portfolio I don't have to speculate on regularly...just believe in long term...and hope as suggested over the last few months " will provide a value that future generations will worship me for"! Maybe they'll even make a nice statue if me...

Lil verge action?

john mc Afee fucked Verge. The sentiment is at an all time low. check out Verge life on twitter some updates.

elliot waves only work on a bull market, simply as that.

@haejin. thank haejin. Will follow @ranchorelaxo as well.

Haejin, thank you for sharing how you typically balance your portfolio. That's great to know.

Welcome back!

Verge is in a big correction i believe. Can you make an short heads up?

Please update XVG Haejin :) Thank you for coming back.

@Haejin : I really wonder how can you count that blue wave 1's subwaves in your primary count.

Would also rly love a Steem update....bleeding all over the place.

Which altcoin do you recommand? Some of them are on the blog, but is there anything else? I got Davorcoin which is in the ICO.

Bro where are you??? We need some advice

Thanks haejin for your post! It’s really helpful!!

So... you are saying BTC could go up? Or it could go down? Thanks for the advice. Will take that in to account.

What do you think about this bearish flag:

nothing since the fractal is to rate higher and we are still bullish on btc

Yeeeees, fractals. I can see them, but predictions based on them are sometimes fallible. Like here:

sure you are right since it is important to be aware of multiple scenarios, still I rate this one with a lower probability, best of luck to you!😊

It seems I was correct - it was a bearish flag

for it to be a bearish flag we would need to be in a bear market, do you really believe that?

I hope for you that you didnt believe into your own analysis and didnt lose money 😉

I sold at 1400 and bought at 12000.

congrats , shorting a bullmarket takes nervs 😊

Always appreciate the analysis! Thanks.

1 day rsi and macd lot looking good... i fear your alternate count gonna be reality ... and since the correction phase started past record (in the recent time) suggests your alternate count became the norm

Very happy to see you back, enjoy your ski holiday

Thanks for your great analysis. please if you have time can have a look at Verge (XVG) thanks.

Nice info about steemin and currency of crypto i am new hear what can i do to get this started for me. You have a great day hope to hear from you.

Thanks Haejin, it's good to see you back in the seat mate!!

my opinion is that bitcoin will go through an incredible boost, contrary to the predictions of many experts :)

Thank you Haejin. Majority of people here respect you and like to hear your opinion. Hope you had a nice few days off! Get ready for the new years!!!!!!!!! BTW what the hell is up with MANA? It should explode soon correct?

Would you mind sharing your altcoin portfolio? :)

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