Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Why is it so difficult to project time?

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(slow Wifi...might take a few minutes for video to complete uploading)
Here is the link to Essay on TA being a Quantum Event

This video has very good details on why Technical Analysis is not able to project time. I recommend viewing it!

Below is a revised chart showing an scending right triangle and so I've moved the target to $10,800...perhaps even $11,000 shall be hit.

The longer term chart shows how the current rise fits into purple wave 3 which target I've also raised and adjusted. It looks classic and vintage rhyme of price and waves!

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Time is neither linear nor two dimensional. On the 5/3 - 3/5 Flip of the trend of the wave, the fractals produced are alternates to their Where the wave hit in the corresponding fractal will be honored, though it's fractal journey will often alternate in time and distance on the chart, especially before, during, and directly after an inversion....or correction.

That’s dope.

Time is the 4th dimension
if you build a chair you have three dimensions the fourth dimension most lack the patience to appreciate is the time it takes to build the chair. reminds me of Musical chairs i was playing this game...before descending to earth.

Thank You Kindly

Hi @scarlet7,
Is there a video? I can't see it.

Nah....must not have made it through the line.....
I'm sure he will get it up later, but there's plenty here to run with.

I'm really glad to see you accelerating quickly in your practice of the technique! Congrats!

Hi haejin love your input and posts any chance of a review on game credits? Thx in advance

What are your thoughts on monitoring the spread between bitfinex vs gdax or other exchanges? What sorts of signs should we look for to warn that the tether crisis is starting to unfold.

I would not rely on USDT ever. The price is NOT guaranteed, and it times it has fluctuated more than 25 cents down from $1.00. It's expensive to move around, slow, and not worth a dollar....find a method of converting back to true blue USD. I hate Kraken because they can't accept an order unless you submit it 50 times over an hour, but they do offer a market that allows you to use the USD pair with most coins you options for moving to other markets or wallets.

The tether crisis started unfolding when someone started siphoning out millions of dollars, and through that time they never self audited or had a third party come and audit to reassure holders of USDT.

Too much trading.

Thanks for the update. Looking good for BTC which is nice. I’m going to look to rotate some funds into bts when we reach a new peak for btc!

Thanks for the update, do you still reckon BTC and BCH waves are on pair or has the game changed. BTC up = BCH going down and vice versa..

The trend is not completely nailed down....but here is how things generally pan out. When BTC is hitting All Time Highs people start flocking to it. Usually on those days, you will get just a few alt coins that grow or explode that day or those days. However, most alt coins start to suffer and revert back to their last best known support. Once BTC peaks and settles a bit, people are confident in the whole market again, and the alt coins then start to become phasic with BTC again. They are always following it, but often they are left behind to catch up. Expect a low day or two for alts, unless you are in the right places at the right times, they will likely lose a little value then start to build it back up after bitcoin decides where it's sitting this time.

I really love the value you provide to Steemit, and I made the decision to dig further with Elliot Wave.

Ok.Now I know that time frame is not Realistic on TA

Thanks for the constant updates Haejin. Is it possible that you can make your watermark a little more see-through so we can see the bottom portion of the chart? Or maybe move it dead-center with a see-through effect? Thanks again, my friend!

He hasn't had a chance to make changes to it yet, but he is aware that it has been requested several times. Any other input to make the videos more user friendly is always welcome!

No other requests, other than incorporating his maine coon into the charts somehow lol. Also, just wanted to share with everyone that I was able to turn .3 BTC into 1.7 soon to be 2.2 with help from our teacher here. Stay patient, cool and smart guys. Big things are ahead!

Could you please take a look at neblio?

I cannot see the video.

I am not able to find vedio.

Heajin, Wonderful video as usual
Do you believe that the big bang to 200$ still valid now ??
What's your long term projection ? Fluctuation !!

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