Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Steady as She Goes Towards $3,333 or HIGHER!!

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Below are my original markings for Bitcoin Cash...NOT TOO SHABBY!! As projected, price breached the upper line of the triangle and has started impulsing UP!. The price target of $3,333 is still solid!!

The BCH/BTC pair is updated a bit with a more bullish pattern; the ascending right triangle. The minimum target run is towards 0.21 BTC for the short term. Look how complete the previous a,b,c correction looks. The BOTTOM is IN! Let's see when price decisively breaches the upper white triangle line and start imulsing in five waves towards 0.21 BTC

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Thank you Coinbase for today's 'little' pop.

I am sure it is short term and will reverse with respect to Bitcoin.

I mean with BTC prices skyrocketing I think it makes more sense to try cloud mining because of higher returns. 10% OFF voucher: 7487B9DC

Mining is a waste of time.

bitcoin cash is supported by miners mainly in China, and people think its better than bitcoin in transaction speed and cost, but there are many other alt coins are better than bitcoin cash, I do not know how many forks in the next year, maybe more than 100, confused about their value

Bitcoin Cash has the same miners as Bitcoin. Also Bitcoin Cash uses the same infrastructure as Bitcoin meaning that BCH can easily win over the merchants that have giving up on Bitcoin. The smart investors will put their money on Bitcoin Cash while you and Blockstream withhold the facts and truth to deceive the naive.

or he just does not care about that and is only a trader

great post

This has been my prediction for the past week based on your wisdom and my own thoughts. Is a target at 0.41 viable? I'm considering laddering in at around 0.16. Thanks

Historically 0.21 btc/bch not unusual nor 0.25 - 0.33 Bitcoin Cash HODL'rs may be very happy soon.
Coinbase FOMO for new coin wallets providing BOOSTYAH
BCH available 2018 and Coin base is ready to go go go...

BCH Coinbase 121717.jpg

Looks like you called it correctly

Yes we sharpened our pencil on that analysis. The price equilibrium quickly adjusted with one minor correction within hours to BCH/BTC ratio of 21%, and despite all the CME & MSM FUD induced wild fluctuations ALL day today it remained right on that ratio 21% including time of this post 9:47 PM Mountain USA

Bitcoin cash has the original vision of Satoshi in mind, it will be interesting to see how many more forks in Bitcoin we see in the future.

Sorry but BCH is just as centralized as BTC, BTG is more in keeping with Satoshi's vision.

No, it does not. BTG, like BTC, has SegWit which is a bastardization of Satoshi vision. Only Bitcoin Cash perserves and follows Satoshi's vision.

I would hodl bch rather than btc . Thank you for the update .

Many people haven't seen the potential in bitcoin for long term yet. But, there is a secure and definite future for it! Thank you for sharing ~

@haejin is right again!

$3335 > $3333!

Not to bad for a coin that was going to fail.

Beautiful charts thanks. I forget. What are the rules on the subwaves for triangle corrections? Are they always 3 or 5? 5 right?

Triangle abcde are always 3s

You rock thanks!

I have never bought any. Just have my free stack from the fork which I never sold.


BCH is becoming a better choice for transactions comparing to BTC.

good observation! how long have you've been researching and investing in crypto?

Thanks for BCH analysis friend

Thats a nifty analysis. Im a new student of yours. Hope to help out soon enough :) reading the books as we speak. Keep it up

Bitmain stop selling miners yesterday and boom, surprise, Bitcoin Cash is surging. They do this all the time. Double sales value in no time.

Thank you so much for your analysis.

Awesome post. Do you think that the price spike is related to Bitcoin futures trading, or just typical (crypto) market behavior? Might be due to Coinbase too.

yes we will see! good blog congrast;)

Thanks for the analysis, been waiting for a BCH update

There it is! THANK YOU so much! You just confirmed my forecast. Upvoted!

Great post and it's really good news for all of steemit user...

Coinbase is having an Update soon, integrating BTH. Something to consider! It might boom, many might also cash out sense there are many users that have been grandfathered in pre-fork BTH dividends

And 22 hours later. Kaboom. $3300 achieved.

When are you doing TA for burst coin??

The price of bch when I type this message is 3336 $. @Haejin - you are a master !!

Well you sure called this one!

How can you analysis all those coins everyday? Do you have a memo or what? do you invest all of them? little by little? Fantastic. Thank you.

Why is BCH trading at a premium on coinbase?
It's above $9000!!

Thank you @haejin! Upvoted and Resteemed.

Great to see up votes going up - let's keep voting Haejin Team!

Excellent post, again @haejin!

Thanks a lot for giving us the heads-up on such matters, it is much appreciated, namaste :)

It's off to the moon.

Thank you so much for everything you do. Im learning so much about analysing patterns. Thank you.