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Bitshares (BTS) sure knows how to put in an a,b,c correction! Very sexy! I've labeled the sub waves of red wave c and the current bounce is expected to be impulsive. The white roman numeral waves i,ii,iii,iv,v indicated an updated price pathway. For me, BTS is NOT a trade. It is an investment so the timeline is measured in months to years. Once and when it goes on the EOS platform, thus becomes a BEOS, BTS could be a real doozy!


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Hi Haejin,
If you do a post on how to buy BTS on different exchanges will bring you whale rewards.

I further suggest replying to Jerry banfields post to get his attention to follow your awesome posts.

May be a sexy correction for you but not so much for me!! I’m hoping for another impulsive move up.

Thanks Haejin, with you all the way on this one. Appreciate the updates

I have done thanks. Busy studying them, but still a steep learning curve ahead

What you indicate of BEOS is a mutation of our bts or what do you mean, sorry for my English.

This is a great news. so a new coin will be emerged for BTS?

I added a little to my position. I'm a little surprised it continued lower. I agree with you Haejin.

With all arrogance aside, I wasn't surprised. Elliott Waves will help you to gain greater viewpoints and a peak around the corner.

This is funny. What about for example with Stratis? A few days ago for short term you predicted $11 and look at it now. I could mention a lot more but it is useless.

You are uninformed.
Below is my chart I posted, it's following very well. Where is the marking for wave c? Do you see it? It's heading there first. Then the target. Before commenting, please try and be informed.

He literally just posted the chart from that blog post you're linking.....

Check it again.

I see the same chart, one is in log scale and the other is in standard scale.

I see both charts pointing towards an ABC correction for STRAT, roughly in the area of $1.30 USD per coin before the C correction wave might be finished. Again all of this is just an estimation, since no one has the ability to pinpoint numbers with 100% accuracy.

So, two questions for you:

  1. What do you see in the charts for STRAT in that post?
  2. What exactly is the point you are trying to make?

Haejin has stated numerous times that his TA doesn't clearly define timeframes, but rather overall potential movements in a chart that people can look out for.

My understanding is pretty simple, the ABC corrections are not done yet and might not be done until STRAT is in that $1.30 area. STRAT is currently $2.84 so it has a ways to go... perhaps it'll drop further just like all the rest of the alts up until the 2X fork.....? Hmm... maybe.

Looks like there is a misunderstanding on what you mean by short term and what is a short term for @haejin. I do not see a problem in charts. 😉

newbie, smh...

BTS price dropped right after the BTC price beat $7000 level.

Must have been me ;)

Sure. 😀

Thanks for the analysis.

I added to my position.

My buying prices were .05, .07, .058

Lets get .70-1.10....

Thanks for your analysis.

Thanks Haejin, Can you please do a review about Civic.

Upvoted and resteem. Hope everything goes well with Bitshares