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Pillar (PLR) is displaying a bullish fractal fo Downward Pointing Bullish Symmetrical triangles. The chart below shows Fractal #1 being very similar to Fractal #2. The blue impulse could lead to a target of 6481 Satoshi...or HIGHER!

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Tutorial on the use of Fibonacci & Elliott Waves
These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended
@haejin's Trading Nuggets
Essay: Is Technical Analysis a Quantum Event?

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Yoo Haejin, can i request NMR

Thank you Sir! This looks also nice https://www.coinigy.com/s/i/5a38507b8ca21/

I learned about those bullish symmetrical triangles in the book you recommended me. Technical Analysis of Stock Trends. Thank you for teaching me how to fish instead of just giving me fish!

@haejin thank you for the analysis, please can you review the coin "YYW" "YOYOW" ? listed on (Bitfinex/Binance)

My count has YOYOW just entered wave 3 Impulse higher from very slight wave 2 consolidation?
$1 target from before breakout wave 3 so .... Higher perhaps? Best wishes for YOYOW
YOYOW perhaps fundamentally great long term development story for Chinese language friendly
chat & social media platform♨


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just buy it s one of the last that hasn't exploded on bitfinex

already buyed a lot of YYW at 0.29 but was thinking to sell it to make good profits quickly on another coin and comeback on YYW, but i think YYW are going to explode very very soon, so i don't want to take the risk to miss the train

Thank you for the analysis!

HODL'r of PLR Pillar for a bit @haejin
So happy to see even this PLR Dog may Have it's day too📈🎄
6480+ satoshis ~ $1.20 would be 6X - Very good Doggie PLR

Pillar lift off in 3 . 2 .1 ...

haejin has set up the biggest pump group there is :p

1 transaction every 2 h (one was mine) this afternoon and now 1 transaction / mn

Fastest 500 buck i ever made lol

nope plr was too late for cat .

better put some money on shitcoin haejin recommended in the past and wait for him to announce it will explode .

total disaster for me... Hope it will come back up later. Its going down from the time i i bought it. From 2500 to 1500...

Yea well lots of noobs got tricked either you buy it before its going up or your wait for wave 2.

FOMO is a bitch .

Watch haejin ladering tutorial, but honestly with a coin with that little volume (almost no volume at all) and the number of people following him it was bound to happen.

just chill. long way to go

when haejin said "massive bull run", he didnt mean 10% gains

Hey @haejin,
First of all, thank you for all the great analyses; I made a very good profit on bts all thanks to you!
I have a question:
If I have a lot of sbd on the bitshares dex, how do I get it out to bittrex/ sell it, or if possible transfer to my steemit account here?
The sbd trading pairs on the bitshares dex are all negligibly active so it is not possible to sell it there.
Could you please help?
Thanks a lot!

Could you do any of the top 20 Alts on Bittrex? Thank you again sir. I won't be specific your choice but anything you feel is a good choice.

Please review on vechain ( ven ) , wabi.

Yes, please. I would like to see vechain and wabi as well. Also, how is LBC doing? Thank you.

Do ARK exploding now or another retrace needed?

Hurry up and wait has changed to, Hurry up and move a little faster.

Could you please provide an update on BCH ? Many of us have been asking for a few days now without success. Thank you!

Thank you, even if I expected an "official" analysis, etc, I guess. No offense, it's just that Haejin had been very bullish on this one, and now it's been a complete silence for 11 days. Thought that would deserve an update (in fact, I already did what you proposed, but I always appreciate the double check/proofreading to confirm whether I'm right or not ;))

I've been EXTREMELY busy. Here is an update on BCH, please use only to augment your due diligence.

The laundry room is next to Haejin's office. Maybe he can wash your underwear while he's at it. Here is a tip.

start looking at the charts he provides! Haejin explains them quite well and where they are headed next. You can lead a horse to water but you cant force it to drink.

Anyone know how to set steem to give you mobile alerts when someone post something? I've looked everywhere seems like a basic function....

Love it @haejin! My favorite charting guru, on my most bullish coin, with a fabulous flowering of fractals! Can't get much better than this.

Take off has started :-)

No buyers.... Pillar needs to get onto a bigger exchange.

Keep up the good work

2545 and up in seconds.. WTF??

Thank you! Did you see GBTC breakout? Would you please review GBTC? Thank you

Please send to bittrex market coin news

Any chance you could do an analysis of EXP (Expanse)? Thanks in advance.

Thx for all your work brother!! Plr dont include in binance but i always read all your post. Please keep us inform

Thanks a million cab i get this Pillar coin on www.HitBTC.com?

Any update require for mana and xpr?

Great info as always Haejin.

one more pump and dump? :)

from 2500, to 1500 and then to 0... is it time to panic? :)

Thanks for this awesome post.

Could you review Circuits of Value (COVAL)?

Good advice but none of the last two posted coins are on Binance.

Whats your latest take on Verge Maestro?

Well Done!

When you are available would you mind analyzing Tierion(TNT) please?

XRP Update please sir!

Daaamn, which one of you greedy bastards created this massive green candle XD !???

I also think so. It will go more.

Thank you Haejin!!

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