SALT Lending (SALT) Analysis: Both SALT/USD and SALT/BTC have to complete correcting...then BLAST OFF! See the full analysis in this blog!

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Check out the BEAUTIFUL Cup & Handle BULLISH pattern on SALT/USD pair! When you combine it with Elliott Waves, the wave 4 making up the handle portion provides a confirmation that otherwise would not be available. This is why the comingled application of Elliott Waves and Chart Patterns make a powerful algorithm! Target is $10.57 but the hand has to complete first. So, is now a good time to ladder in and buy? Damn yeah!

Look how BEAUTIFUL the triangle is on SALT/BTC pair! The markings of the a,b,c,d,e are so clear and crisp! Once you are able to spot these patterns and correctly label them, you gain greater awareness of the probable price pathway. This greater awareness keeps the FOMO and Panic attacks away! How do you learn this? Review @haejin's tutorials and practice everyday on counting.

Please consider reviewing these Tutorials on:
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These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended
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Essay: Is Technical Analysis a Quantum Event?

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Nice! SALT is one of my riskier picks, but I've been very happy since I picked it up a few days ago. It's only 2% of my overall portfolio but I honestly hope the team is successful. I honestly think they could bring incredible value to the crypto space as a whole if people will be able to make loans and use their crypto portfolio as collateral. It'll go a long way to legitimizing cryptocurrencies.

Notice my technical and analysis mentions nothing about fundamentals or the core team or any news or events.

This is because technical analysis is purely dependent on sentiment. Price is a reflection of sentiment that is more immediate, earlier than the effect of sentiment on news events or fundamentals . This means that news events or fundamentals do not move price instead price moves news events and fundamentals.

Thanks for everything I have learned so much!

Really? I thought FOMO and FUD events were all about the price being affected by outside news. I'm sure I saw one of the coins ramp up in price because a media conference was being held and then the price dropped dramatically when that media conference said that developments were being delayed until February.

This is blowing my mind.

I hope so. I picked up salt cheep around 2.30 usd. looked interesting, kinda like the chip reverse mortgage for crypto. Lets see where it goes. :) i would buy more under $5 usd.

just been a few hours and now getting closer to $5

I see the SALT token as a loan origination fee. At this price imo that is a deal if you want to use the service. Can't wait until they go live with the first loans.

Bought the ico but then been laddering in from $3.50-6.00

Here we go handkle formed next stop wave 5

Great analysis once again! Can you do an EOS update soon, this latest run has me nervous.

I think as per his previous analysis we are looking for around 5.50 and then a correction and onwards and upwards to 7.50. I'm enjoying the profits, nothing to be nervous about.

Just hodl!

I think SALT is the winner coin in 2018, good acumulation and good proyect

A good pump :D

Your post has been resteemed to my 2500 followers

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You my friend are the Salt of the Earth! Massive profits to you!!! $$$$

I wish you MASSIVE profits!

Hopefully we won't get Salt in our wounds...see what i did there?

sirr i need some steem to go on steemit plz resteem my post

@haejin, thanks for doing this analysis!

Your analyses are helping me understand market trends a little better.

Appreciate your insights!

Lots of views, well done !

I wish you MASSIVE profits!
My aim is to help and do no harm. So gaining as much visibility to my blogs so more can be helped is key.

If you'd like, for three 100% upvotes per day, I can provide weekly 1 hour Skype based consults for custom analysis and coaching on Elliott Waves as well as forecasting. If interested, please contact me at: [email protected]

I see the value in SALT. Thanks @haejin.

good i likee bitcoin

Nice one, it's done!

Hi Haegin, could you do BCH.

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i have resteemed your post because i like it

Thank you Haejin for all the knowledge you share! I’m learning how to be patient in crypto as that was my problem all along. Now I need to learn when to ladder out! Please if you have time can you take a look at nxs!

I wish you MASSIVE profits!

Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for all you do! I've been following you on twitter and YouTube for a little while and signed up to steemit to follow you here.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge in such a constructive manner.

brilliant call here. it only took 5 days to manifest.

Hey @Haejin , could you take a look at my technical analysis for SALT/BTC

Thanks . I wish you MASSIVE Gains!

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