Steem Dollars (SBD) Target $28.80...Check Out This Chart!!

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Steem Dollars (SBD) is now about complete the confluence of technical events for the next ROCKET UP!! The below chart shows an uncanny a,b,c,d,e triangle that nearly complete, if not already! The MACD indicator is about to turn up as well (green circle and arrow). The blue lines are targeting $28.80 or MUCH HIGHER!!

Here is the SBD/BTC pair and frankly, can't tell the difference between this chart and that of the SBD/USD!! They are near identical!! This is bullish! IF BTC is rising, then SBD/BTC should fall at equilibrium demand. However, the demand for SBD/BTC is so high...even if BTC rises, SBD/BTC will rise! This is UBER BULLISH!!

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


steemit - fantastic.gif post!

@haejin if SBD hits $16 it will be the first jackpot for us steemit posters, and when it hits $30 it is the big jackpot. This are the gifts a powerful platform like steemit can provide to people making a hardwork, looking to make steemit a better place every day.

Thanks for sharing this technical analysis about SBD.

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Regards, @gold84

When it first reached $10, I honestly thought it was a pump-and-dump. But times shows that SBD can be stable at $10.

Yes if pumped every day as they have been doing

I also believed in your analysis and made some investment in SBD
I am working hard on STEEMIT and collecting SBD.
I take my gratitude for your analysis.

Don't forget about the YouTube upload it will get you more Steemit followers a lot of people still don't know about Steemit.

Cant figure this one out .. I guess thats why technical analysys is way to go ..

Hello, this is very helpful and informative to me. Give you 56% upvote! Cheers!

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All nice but why? Wasn't SBD supposed to to begged to USD ie. worth 1 dollar?

No one knows
Just enjoy the ride is my advice 🙃

Nobody really understands why SBD is going up so high.
But while my rewards are 10x as high as normal. I'm not complaining.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

God Bless You Haejin !!!

I want to feed you a big chocolate cake for your awesome analysis..

We will see if this holds true.

Bullish chart. Awesome work.

Bought them for the first time yesterday. On a whim.

And now you post this.. Can't stop thanking you.

Thank God for this post. I was in the "hurry up and wait mentality"
for this coin. Glad it will pop soon. PS Here is how I read myself to sleep every night. Thank you for getting me excited about Elliot Waves
![Image of Elliot Wave Book]

Well done!

I'm ordering right now thanks to you haejin! You are speaking of (SBD) and not STEEM correct?

Yes SBD, but he is bullish on STEEM as well. He calls SBD a lagging indicator for STEEM. Check out his post. Hope this helps :)

Interesting, thanks!

Let's hope that is the case. I think everyone who is just joining at this point would need to see some pretty massive price spikes to feel like they are earning significant rewards. The entry level is hard, but with the large value increase that I believe is coming, I think it'll be worth it.

Does this look like a good cup and handle my friend? It looks good to me but I would like your approval, thank you! )


Haejin,there is a price difference on the various exchanges,does the probable breakout only work on Bittrex,on Hitbtc for example there is a decending triangle forming...Also anyone reading you can get Steem dollars for 50% less at Poloniex right now!

Cant transfer in and out currently though

Wow! This is Everex?

Just sold my XVG profits for SBD moon rocket....LET'S GOOOOO!!!!

In your previous post that came around 5 to 6 days ago, you suggested 42 target and now it is 28.8 USD. I wanna sell them so tell me at what price I should sell them.

That is on the way to $42

I think investors are confused and buying Steem dollars instead of Steem. This really needs to be taken care as it's pretty confusing :/

Is he actually talking STEEM or (SBD)?

thank you!

But SBD is supposed to be $1 isn't it? It's pegged to the US dollar. I thought it was supposed to be controlled so the price doesn't go crazy

This is the old idea. Free market rules and SBD is gonna be what it need to be. The indicators are each time strong.

No - it was controlled not to drop - the upside was not restricted.

Got my ladder buys in. ThAnk you

STD chart looks interesting. but in looooong view, steem wants it stay on $1. so .. I would like to invest on STEEM lather than STD. but still thank you @haejin

Why do you think sbd will increase and not Steem? Sbd are supposed to be priced at one dollar.

sbd is leading indicator for steem

@haejin - that is just what I wanted to hear. Isn't because we create sbd by our work and so it is scarce? I feel like sbd is the more rare currency somehow.

I'm so glad I found you! I am beside myself with these great rewards and was trying to understand this whole cyrpto market. Your posts have helped me so much in the last couple of weeks. I did not look before since my rewards were low and I have just been trying to get my weight loss content on here.

But now!!!??? Time to at least pay some attention to this bonanza so I don't mess up :)

I do believe the price will rise as well :)

So glad I always take my payouts 50/50
Made some good returns on my old BNB position. I sold half of it for SBD while it was rising and I'm very happy about both my decisions.

Any predictions for NEO?
I'm also interested in ETH. I'm seeing a triangle pattern at the end. Will this be a good time to get back in?

todo es posible!

Thanks a lot sir .. started following you n great advice of yours since last few days . Impressive I must say .. thanks again

Could you please do an update on Omisego?

Lets hope so for all of us!

Currently do you think there is greater profit potential in SBD or steem? Would you be in one over the other? Thank you again for the insight good sir!!

@Haejin don't forget the YouTube upload it will get you more Steemit followers a lot of people don't know about Steemit still.

hope you are right man! All the way, although was hoping for it to be STEEM instead

YES and yes. I love it, SBDs to the moon.

One ticket to the moon please .
I saw something interesting ;

Look at the price differences . If you want cheap sbd I suggest buy it from poliniex . It won't stay long that ,hurry up .

have you tried buying from poloniex?

Yes I did ,It work perfectly fine for me . And you ?

i cant, im from NY and its been blocked for NY residents. if you can buy on poloniex, you can transfer for bittrex and sell for higher price and get it cheap. but from the looks of it, there isnt a lot on poloniex.

I really would like to withdraw my sbd and sell it for a higher price on bitrex but there is apparantly issues consering the wallet/ network luckliy there is a silver lining SBD is goind to $ 28 so I can wait !

does that pop up when you try to transfer or buy?

Buying and selling isn't the problem here , I can't witdraw or desposit sbd . "NY and its been blocked for NY residents" even poliniex ?

If that's the case then there is no point in buying "cheap" sbd if you can't move it. That sucks but that means the price for buying and selling is the bittrex price. The block is for poloneix as an exchange. I cant access poloneix at all

That is crazy but I am all-in to say that you are right because I want you to! The high SBD is already changing the life of all Steemians. A $30 price would make even the smallest of Steemians make more $$$ every day than we can spend. All back invested into Steem. :)

How will the rise of SBD affect Steem. Will in rise in conjunction with SBD or with this hurt the value of Steem? Seem like it would help it.

Oh yes . I was looking at this triangle earlier today

glory days..:}

This provides great motivation for all Steemians to continue to produce quality content. Steemit is going to explode in 2018 and is the only social media platform in the position its in to usher in the next generation of social media which will be blockchain-backed.

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