STEEM is Displaying a Bullish Ascending Right Triangle...Short Term Target $2.24

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STEEM is showing off! It's gowned a new BULL Pattern called the Ascending Right Triangle! The below shows a very nice vintage pattern..look how the white horizontal line and the white inclining line assemble the right triangle. The short term target is $2.24!!

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I appreciate the short posts.

I do like it when u explain your targets and how you get there.

I also love when you show the long and short term perspective at the same time.

I also enjoy the developments he has implemented into his blog.

Good target :)

My target is long term 79$

I joined the 100k club, so my target is $100. Everyone who has at least 1,000 STEEM should believe in it and pray for it .

1000 steem club here, and gat damn 100k steem?!?! Nice! lol

Waiting for Steem to go up like...


It would be helpful if you could put together an index of your most bullish sentiments. So, I see multiple coins, but I'm interested to know how to prioritize them.

Time factor is the most difficult to predict and the hurry up and wait syndrome is part of coins so I think that it would be difficult to prioritize. One think I know is that Ethereum has competition and it will reflect in theses coins EOS, ADA, NEO, IOTA

That's exactly right about the timing.

@haejin please could you do this? I think you did a post like this a while ago, but I'd also really appreciate an update on what your top long term coins are. I know you really like BTS, XVG, ZEN, what are some others?


Excellent suggestion!

well all the blog posts do go in depth of all the coins?

Yeah, it seems somewhat self explanatory when you read and watch every day.

It looks like theres a triangle inside a triangle and its pushing the outer one now Screenshot from 2017-12-12 20-34-59.png

This triangle is so sexy I wanna date it!

Hi Haejin (not sure how to post a comment of my own so I am replying). Big fan of your work, absolutely fantastic. You did a post a while ago when you looked at the bitcoin bubble graph and you said we are just under half way up the parabolic curve. I would love to know where you think we are now, because I am starting to worry that we will see a big correction soon. Thanks

A while back the projection looked to be coming to a topping form....but it did not end up forming that way. As far as I know, we've got a long way to go. And rest easy knowing that Haejin truly cares about us, and the mission of this blog. He will absolutely raise the alarm if he feels like something is changing. Welcome, and you can post your own comment by clicking reply right under his blog post. Thank you for your support! Upvoted!

Haejin, as always your insights is much appreciated. If you would be so kind to do a quick TA for Litecoin, that would be great.

I've been wondering about litecoin, too. I didn't buy any before this impulse that happened yesterday. I'm hoping it'll drop some and that I still have time to get in.

Thanks for the update. I'm a believer in Elliott Wave.

your every post i wonder always

especilly thanks for discuss about bitcoin...

carry on your friend haejin.

if you don,t mind,i will resteemit your blog??

Please do.....share with all!

haejin, thank you for your outstanding analysis. You are absolutely the best with undeniably accuracy.

Haejin,I would like if you can explain,what does it mean,when you say short term target.Does that mean 1 week,2 weeks,or 1 month perhaps.

Short term is days to weeks, Mid is weeks to months or quarters, Long is quarters to years

thanks for your post :)

@haejin can you please do an update on LTC. LTC has gone up really high in last 24 hours. It would be great to see your analysis on the next targets of LTC. Appreciate it. Thanks.

Great post

Thanks for your continued insight and compiling some of the top coins, in your estimation, on the list would be great.

We are so lucky of reading people like you. thank you for your knowledge. Many years trading and i i've recently decided to create my steemit account in order to post some opportunities that the market brings to us. keep in touch

Welcome to the conversation! Thanks for your support!

Does that mean SBD is still up for the big run as well?

Gracias por esa información, se puede logra incrementar las ganancias en corto plazo @haejin

Steem has a solid foundation.. and I love the product they offer. May it continue growing..

602 views 98 upvotes makes no sense, give the master some love.

it's people off site checking him out.

Thanks for exellent news

NEO is finally on the move. Glad to have made it my biggest position before the impulse. Does the previous target hold or are there any changes?
Thanks in advance.

Damn wish they got more exchanges. Hate swapping to BTC and can't really move it with 120$ fees.

that's exciting :)

Time projection?

I'm buying STEEM in the market daily for between .13 and .17 or so. I can't figure out the conversion, to figure out how much it "cost" me for the STEEM that is now around 1.7 usd.

I'm not good at math or any of this really. I do weight loss - not money. Any help for me to know if I am doing the right thing?

I plan to harvest 25% out of here in 20 days or so. So should I leave it in sbd or turn it into steem or half and half?

Not trying to ask you for investment advice. Your every post puts me into a further frenzy right now :)

Hi @fitinfun!
If you want to 'harvest' part of your steem investment, you should have an idea where you want to store that harvest. If it is not to spend now, which would be selling for baat or dollars, you might consider bitcoin or litecoin (my preferred) for holding that value. You'll need a wallet, and either sbd or steem can be send through blocktrades to a wallet address, or to bittrex where you can trade it manually.

I use Steem Power to store some value, but that is not 'harvesting' that is holding. And SBD I think it risky for holding value seeing as it is so high above its face value right now.

That is wht I was thinking. That the sbd price might not hold. I would be sending some/most of this money to my son is California. This way he can get it without the huge fees I pay banks. And then I will open some wallets and go into maybe 10 coins - small - to see if I can play the pump and dump game.

I started to open a wallet the other day and got to the point where I need a selfie and a copy of my id. I gave up and will try again another day...

So for cashing out - I use coinbase to sell litecoin, and put that money (dollars) into paypal. The litecoin can be gotten through, no account needed. Coinbase set-up is a hassle, they all are.

For playing the markets, bittrex is my favorite so far - with haejin's advice I feel like I almost know what I am doing! Read his tutorial on laddering!

Make sure to post updates!

I will - saving your comment. Thank you so much!

I'm ready for it :)

Hi Haegin, could you update GBTC

Thank you Haejin! Many upvotes given here and on your YouTube. Please chart your target prices for:


Thank you!

I suppose it's happening right now! Keep these posts coming! :)

STEEM has massive potential. I mean the idea behind the tech is going to blow everything else away. Facebook is going to be like

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