VERGE (XVG): Baby, Mommy & PaPa Fractals!!!

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VERGE (XVG) is correcting but in a very fractal manner! Check out the below Baby, Mommy and Papa fractals. Very uncanny and cryptos just love fractals. If this is correct, then this is nothing more than a healthy correction to load for the next run UP!

The Mommy fractal took prices equivalent to the white vertical line drawn from its bottom to the top of the PaPa fractal. Now, proportionality plays into the price projection; so, since the PaPa fractal is 2.5x the MaMa fractal, the vertical line has been extended 2.5x and that provides around $0.70 target. Not too shabby.

Best, of all, the below shows a MASSIVE JAWS of WEALTH pattern where price now is pretty much sitting on the bottom line. Now, the price can pierce the bottom line briefly and return back into the Jaw. The good thing this bull wick would do is get rid of all the weak hands.

For the XVG/BTC pair, look how the three fractals are also present! Check out the BREAKOUT!! When the XVG/BTC and the XVG/USD jive so well...have a cup of bull java!

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we have to stop slagging of bernie, do not go to his level, he downvoted me so much that i can not upload anything, account is very limited.

If anyone knows how i can change this i would be very grateful.


He is doing the same thing to me. He has been flagging all my post to try and silence me. Fuck Bernie!!!

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Just keep posting good comments, we will keep upvoting you. That will help you recover your reputation score which will let you post again. Also maybe message @scarlet7 , he might be able to work out a haejin upvote.

Haejin fans when they make massive profits!

i am pretty sure.. there are many who are taking massive loss as well ... its all about timing, depends on when someone reading and placing their bets.

for an example... if someone read his previous verge post and entered the game as per new target... they will be in deeeeeep loss

i just started following these posts. Do you find he's wrong more than he's right?

i like his analysis ... but try to take it with salt... in my opinion he misses the corrections and the timings around it and goes for next bullish target instead of slowing down, just before the correction ... that messed up my own analysis twice and i ended up holding or adding small positions during corrections, when i should have reduced my position.


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This is a big problem created by a limited distribution of the coins of a project, especially for Proof of Work based project (the early adopters take risk and get rewarded, but on the other hand get a disproportionate amount of power compared to newcomers).

This is probably why Dan Larimer made sure that the next iteration of of PoS (Delegated Proof of Stake, via EOS) would have a widest and freely traded token distribution, lasting a whole year.

It will be a lot harder for whales to crush smaller/newer players within the EOS ecosystem. I can't wait for a distributed social media plaform to run on EOS as Whales are undermining Steemit.

I am glad you are standing up to BernieSanders. He tries to silence anyone that speaks against him. I will always support you even if he flags all my post!!!

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hahaha thanks for the laugh

This is the only/last time I will vote for Trump. You got me.

Damn, I really like Steemit. But this almost makes me think everything, including forums, gets worse when money is involved :( Unfortunate you get downvoted for genuine good advice.

Made an account just to upvote; sure many more will do the same!

And reddit is going nuts. They call you a legend.
You have seriously gained some VIIIISSSSIIBIILLITTTYYY my friend. Congratz on hitting 8.5K followers. You are going to get more after this. They are even talking about steemit and how awesome you are.

I cant stress how epic Haejin Lee is, go follow him on Steemit my man!

You can follow his blog on steemit. He does price predictions on a ton of others as well. I call him crypto Jesus cause this guy is on point

He's an investor, but he has decades of technical analysis experience.
Guy knows his shit. I've made a lot of money thanks to him.

For anyone not aware Haejin alerted people to Verge’s potential at $.005 well ahead of McAffee’s tweet.
Haejin has credibility when it comes to Verge.

Make sure to quote these when you post your KABOOOOOMMMMM!!!

Hey, what do you think about NXT?

wish he had my back, once or twice ;'(
*that being said, I got myself some Verge just now :P
**could you analyze Siacoin?

Allow me to give it a go: If I use what I have learned from @haejin up to now, this is what I see: 1. A long forming cup and handle formation. I am not certain where the handle is. The handle could be the first or second indicator or it could be the triangle that is currently forming. 2. Here are the 8 elliot waves that I see. 3. Using an eyeballing of the Fib frequency, SiaCoin could become .07 USD.
NOTES: This is only my opinion as a student of @haejin. This is not investment advice.
SIACOIN cup and handle.jpg
8 Elliot Waves of SIACOIN.jpg
SIACOIN predictive elliot wave 12.28.17.jpg

Very powerful coin. My advice is to HOLD HOLD HOLD. Sia coin is a very very powerful coin. a lot of verys, even if it drops dont sell. This is a winning project. Anything to do with privacy is going to be huge.

I'm trying to daytrade :D but I'm always keeping an eye on Sia. Buying the dips.

I really want to get some Sia, but buying it is kind of a pain in the ass right now. Last I heard all the exchanges didn't allow withdrawals! wth.

@michellerhey I got mine from by trading BTC but is also good for exchanging LTC, BTC, ETH with Siacoin. They both allow SC withdrawals. Hope this helps.

Oh. nice! I had not heard of that one. Thanks!

Great that you are learning the Elliot Wave Technique. I'm trying to learn as well.

Just finished the book yesterday!

Cup and Handle always with handle in top right hand corner
edit : Sorry, I didn't analyze the graph correctly.
Maybe a cup and handle ;-)

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Thank you Haejin! You are awesome!

Its incredible to watch how perfectly verge has been working within fibonacci retracements. If we bounce back to around $0.14 giving us wave 2, is it likely we will get another extended 3rd??

My external website is under attack, which means it's an actionable attack, unlike the verbal and downvoting attacks here.

I had attacks on my mail and SMS gateway service this afternoon that I run the haejin SMS notification service from.

Keep records. Let me know if you want to class-action.

Please spend money on this.

Let @Ned and the team know. I'm sure they will take action to clean up this mess, otherwise steemit it is going to rot form the inside out, which will endanger the SMT launch.

Thanks @haejin ! I can see xvg already moving up :)
Best of luck to all investors here !

@haijen I have helped you out so much on Twitter. Can you please upvote me so I get my status back to at least 0. Also why does it look like this coin was already pumped? I hope you stay faithful to your thousands of followers. Don't let a couple bad apples spoil the bunch. It certainly looks like this coin was pumped.

Could you please do an update on EOS?


Hey, I don't need Haejin's EW wizardry to tell me where EOS is going next year! (I'll give you a hint... a spherical object often visible in the night time sky!)

I love that term "Jaws of Wealth". I'm going to need a bigger boat for all my Verge.

Welcome back Haejin, I trust you had a good christmas. Any chance on an EOS update? I have taken all your courses and have done my own analysis but still not confident enough to pull the trigger. Thanks in advance and happy new year🎆

Are you not worried about the lead dev supposedly leaving the project? From what I’ve heard Verge is dead in the water...

You're spreading bad information, all this is hoax, just go to any official pages, or to the programmer's ghitub.

This was fake. But pyjama boy videos were horrible.

Don’t read reddit to much.

Agreed, fake news. The DEV did a post on twitter about it. He's still there.

Reddit actually deleted the fake news. Sunerok posted and he’s working on it. Check github

Great post, but i think verge is dead

another good analysis. Verge is flying high right now over 21 cents. Wraith Protocol is being released which is what we've been waiting for.

Bad smallcat I just want to watch Imaqtpie not you /s

I have been buying verge at all the dips.

Thank you Haejin! I just posted 4 updates on XVG.

I made an account just because of Haejin and want to participate in this community. I've heard of the down voting bots and wanted to help with the up votes.
Thank for all the advice and tutorials Haejin!

Oh God I was waiting for this.


Thank you kindly @haejin

You are welcome


hey @haejin we need a update of DGB join if you have the balls bitch!

We need Whales to act responsibly, good & original content always needs to rewarded. May whales gain the wisdom!

Eat a fat dick! Waste your power on me fuckstick!

holy tolitoes batman! --> @ranchorelaxo <-- he has 4 million steem power. lets all go ssupport this guy with a follow, for backing up haejin!!

@haejin can you please give an update whether it is following the trend.. i am just you curious follower, don't want to loose. guys please upvote this post so that my comment get visible. thank you very much :)

Thank you for your opinion

Hope everything keeps going well.

Welcome Back Master Lee! I'm extremely new but i've been learning at a mooning rate thanks to you! My favourite coin atm has been POWR and this is what I see it doing, any feedback from you or any experienced TA is very much appreciated!

@Haejin, how can that be a healthy correction with Verge? It was fake news that pulled Verge down. In my opinion that messed up a 5 wave in it's triangle and pulled it down to 1000 Satoshi.
From that point it started a new wave that is forming point D by now. It has to go down to get at E to begin with it's new allt time highs.
Readers beware: It's a question to Haejin, not an advice!
Verge XVG.jpg

at least it wont matter that much if you buy in at C or E :)

Fake news didn't cause the drop. It may have triggered a drop that was supposed to happen anyways.

also, possibly, it still did its job, cleansed the weak hands.

It did, but the markets always find a way to do that anyways.

What do you think of litecoin?

Hey, Haejin you also post when its time to sell a coin? I liked your analyses and I bought Verge, but I dont know how long should I hold it. Congrats for your analysis.

Great article and love the news! Can't wait to see my wallet explode (in a good way) :D

Hiiiiiiiii hi how are You, please following and votte me

hi Everyone,

I tried to make a update chart analysis. I am putting the picture. Can you reply with your comments.


If you bought xvg and then sold for less - because you could not handle the panic dip of the last days

Good stuff... hoping for the best

Lot's of orgasms over here...

I learn something new everyday! Baby, Mommy, and Papa fractals huh? This makes the crypto world sound easy.

39k views! Whoah! I believe the whole of steemit community love you brov.

Any other altcoin opportunities?

Love your posts! Look forward to them everyday!

have a cup of bull java! lol :)
but the question is: will there be a granddaddy fractal?

You are a legend... soooo soooo many weak hands that probably bought at under a jokers.

@haejin You say that news doesnt drive price but John Mc Afee tweets made the price drop... its that simple. There was a massive dump.

Would like your opinion on this?

The drop was no surprise. Forecast was an ABC-correction till around 0.14 ct. That time McAfee was still on his boat, sipping margarita's.

"News will come to justify the forecast..."

I'm thinking 0.15 could be a good buy in opportunity based on these graphs... But I also think this price is determined by a continued market recovery, as XVG isn't strong enough to break from the pack (like XRP has done)

Thanks for the good information!!!

Great post!!!
Vote me please.

Great call @haejin! That's why you are the master!

This is me when I was a little kid with ice cream all over my face.

Here is a great review of Raiden Network Token, a great upcoming coin I wrote:

Bulldogs are the best. Ice cream is pretty good too

@haejin ... thx a lot ... what is the target you see for XVG/BTC pair?

Mr. Haejin, what is the BTC target?

great! thanks Mr. Lee

I'm up 20% in minutes! Thank you so much @haejin, you're a legend!

Excellent analysis of verge! Strong resistance currently but I believe its only a matter of time before it breaks through.

I hope you are right, a couple of days ago Verge was 30cents, now it's only 14cents. I hope it gets back to 30 and over.

Thank you for your guidance and posts @haejin. I'm glad I held my Verge. I just doubled down on it, hopefully it goes to the moon!

Im a newbiee, can some one please explain what does he mean by all this? xvg will go up but drop again?

Thank you!! I lost 1,400 dollars in investing recklessly without doing proper research. Also by letting anxiety take over me by buying high and selling low. I hope to recover what I have lost by investing in xrp, iota, and xvg. I bought xrp and iota when they were low but I unfortunately bought xrp at 23 cents. This has given me such relief! Hopefully it recovers!!

Just wanted to share this pathway that I will be aware of and not panic if Verge goes this route. I am loving this monster flag that is whipping around in winds of profit and it would bring me great joy to accumulate more Verge anywhere under ten cents before it breaks out of that channel!

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 9.49.00 PM.png

Ha! No sooner do I post this than Verge appears to be breaking out of the channel! Almost as though the serenity that comes from being aware of many different pathways feeds the overall sentiment and ability to extend to new heights.
Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 10.07.32 PM.png

I would love to see your updated take on CVC. Perhaps this will be a verge/bitshares like Monster!?

I'm not very good at math, what is the % please to go to 0.70dollars ?

해진씨 알게된 후 첫 투자한
에베렉스는 어떻게 되는건가요?
코인가도 정신도 반토막 난 상태로 절망속에서 기다리고 있어요
참 새해 복 미리 많이 받으세요

Thank you very much! My thoughts were right, i am just starting with reading charts. Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for informing

I already have verge coin but now I am buying more thanks to you.

thanks man
this is what we are looking for
not the droids :D

XVG is so huge , XVG TO THE mooooooon:)

Can't agree more :)

@Haejin you're the Master! Literally dancing of joy right now :-)

Thank you Haejin for everything you do, what you are, who you are and the world you help shape. You change lives! Bless you always. You lovely crypto future man.

Yeaaaah! I'm little bit worried about Stellar and Cardano, though by my analysis they are giving good signs, they only ask for patience...

Thank you sir, been waiting for this one....much love and blessings

Should we sell BT2? I think the time has passed.

i have the same question ....

no you should not sell it , maybe it will go down a few cents more, but it is ready to shoot up again. HODL

Cryptobarim, I don't know what coin you're talking about but a BT2 is a + $ 100,-- coin. It jumps around with 70 - 80 -110 in pricedifference. With a stack of 100 I played this coin between 0.016 and 0.017 (meaning 50 buy in / 50 sell). That went oké for about 3 times making me a nice profit. But my advice: "Stay away from this coin because it's unpredictable. The blue line you see is a one on one copy of Haejin's chart. And not that I don't like the guy (hé I even questioned my mother once in a while) but the charts he showed in Dollars and BTC don't overlap each other. Be aware that the BT2 is a BTC-linked coin that means if the BTC goes down, so the BT2 will.
Since it has gone down a lot since the first call of Ivascons, don't panic sell now! You still might get a break even or some profit out of it depending of your buy in point. As soon as you have it, stay away from it. This is a High Ball Players Coin that jumps over your screen........

Welcome back @haejin because I was really starting to miss you!!!

Any new update?

Ty so much @haejin!


"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win." Sun Tzu

Awesome! Hail Sun Tzu and the art of war! :)

You have to look at sonm.

Besides the TA, I can´t invest in XVG simply because I think it´s one of these pump and dump coins without any real value. Yes, maybe it would be better to not get emotional over this, but hey, there are enough projects out there that earned my trust anyway. ;) As always, thank you for your service and the inspirational work you are doing here "for free". I saw this "flag war" you were in recently and just wanted to say, that I totally support your work and I hope you keep it up here ! :)

do you know that people, when cashing out on binance, exchange their funds in XVG, send it over to Bittrex, exchange their funds back to whatever currency they exchanged it on Binance and then Cash out to their Wallet ! Now why would they do that if XVG is just a pump and dump currency ?
The Fees for transfering XVG = less than 1 cent. Only Raiblocks is cheaper (free). The fee for transfering BTC for example can be 30$ , if not much more. In addition XVG is very fast and also annonymous.
Now it may not be the best one out there, but it certainly is not just pump and dump -- just because some people pumped it, thats not the fault of the coin itself.

I´d call this smart but you could also do this with Bytecoin or whatever - even Ether, since everything is cheaper than BTC. Most people do it with Tether though...

I bought at $0.0075 based on @Haejin's recommendation back around Nov 14th. People were calling it a pump and dump back then as well. Always a good idea to diversify into multiple coins. With that said, I am not a financial advisor so you will have to decide for yourself what you should do.

Sure, I´m also also for diversifying your investment! I just broke my own commitment recently, because I really believe in one project that much, that I took all my funds and put them there (Substratum) - but hey, as soon as I´m more liquid again, I will again enjoy the ride with different Altcoins and profit from Haejin´s recommendations :)

It happens to best of us. Like @haejin says, a good trader is a bad trader. I did the same with stock when I first started investing. Lost 70% of my portfolio buying high and selling low. LOL.

Great thing about crypto is that we are so early in the game that you can make back your losses. Just gotta hang in there; easier said than done.

Yeah, but I didn´t lose anything - still the best thing I ever did (until now) - but I know what you mean... Just wanted to say, that generally I prefer to diversify - until I don´t :))))

haha for sure

Welcome back! I definitely missed the content the last few days, I watched some of the older technical trading videos for my fix :).

Would love to hear your thoughts on XRB with it currently going crazy atm.

Dear Haejin
Stealhcoin looks very similar to me Do you agree?

@haejin - can you please provide an update on NXT/USD? Thanks!

Thanks Haejin! Do you think the daily MACD reflects a likely correction?

What do you (all) think about the pathway below?
The chart is XVG/BTC on Bittrex.
Is it likely to be a loong ZigZag correction, which has still a way to go?

Thank you for your view on this coin, Haejin.

Bro is it short term right?

Great post there, keep up good work !

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What cryptocurrency should we buy before 2018 for in long run? for like 6-12 months or even more? what are you recommendations?

Hey, Haejin you also post when its time to sell a coin? I liked your analyses and I bought Verge, but I dont know how long should I hold it. Congrats for your analysis.

Doing pretty well for itself today! Thank you Haejin!

Nice post, let's hope all goes bullish for everyone and happy New crypto Year!

Take a look on this nice crypto currency tshirt !!

would love to see verge go up