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Most of the "buidlers" in Crypto are busy creating applications that are meant to attract the masses—that’s a tough shot. Blockchain technology is not yet pretty enough for the average consumer and its main traction driver is the sheer value offering it provides, namely security and control.

Security and control aren’t the main demands of consumers; they seek convenience. In this age of Amazon and GrubHub, convenience is king, even if it demands a grand cost.

On the other hand, businesses, who are at the risk of losing millions of dollars and incredibly private information from breaches, are desperately seeking solutions to improve the security of and control over their data. And, without a doubt, the challenge of communicating securely remains a challenge for every business.

Locking up data is not so tough but making sure the data serves its purpose—floats—without being compromised is a challenge. In any enterprise, small or large, employees need to communicate and sensitive data gets moved around all the time. This is a weak spot of enterprise communication; this is blockchain’s spot to shine.

Blockchain developments need to offer solutions that will benefit people in their work lives. Consumer offerings are a much harder fruit to grab.

This is Your Work Space

A new blockchain-enabled platform, Eso, is creating technology that can give people their own space. Of course, the technology goes beyond serving work environments, but it will offer an incredible amount of value to work space interactions.

Eso is a collection of tools that are successfully merged into a multi-purpose application.

The application is built on the blockchain, secured end-to-end, and all the data interactions are unlocked by the user’s key and pin code. This means your device will be the only one able to connect to your data and the data others have given you access to.

Truly Private Communication

You can text any workplace colleague, client, or business partner sensitive information, while being sure it stays out of reach from others. Unlike the leading texting apps, Eso isn’t tracking or storing your data for their marketing department’s analysis, which would innately nullify your privacy.

Also, unlike like a typical texting application which benefits mainly from the network effect, Eso does not need to rely on the network effect as the main product is not reach. The offering here is security and control and this is incredibly useful when dealing with information that impacts your work life and/or business.

A Truly Useful Wallet

There are many wallet applications out there, but they don’t tap into a secure texting system. The ESOS crypto wallet is the first-ever wallet that connects into a communication channel while being built on an encrypted infrastructure and supported by a decentralized network.

  • While the Eso team feels this will be great because it will allow people to make smart contract-based trustless agreements through simple text messages that lead to an agreement of an amount to be fulfilled, it's quite possible that it can open up something much greater.
  • A lot of people who hold large sums of major coins use the services of custodians because they feel worried having to hold and send Crypto due to the raw experience. If people can simply connect to a contact and send money directly to an identity rather than a string of characters, they’d have the confidence that they are sending Crypto to the right person. This! This is something big.

Company Updates

Without a doubt, the Crypto-popular Telegram app has been extremely successful at providing an exceptional UX for updates meant large audiences. However, Telegram’s not decentralized yet and it’s a long way from fulfilling this goal.

Meanwhile, Eso aims to give this desirable service to both companies and Crypto communities alike. Except, the tools go beyond a mere announcement channel that is secured by a decentralized network and encryption layer, which would be Telegram’s offering once TON is years into its development. Eso also will offer the ability to announce via calendars while ensuring engagements can be actioned via voting; given that this project is created by founders of ClearPoll, this piece of the service will likely be flawless.

There are other valuable services too. While the above-mentioned functions can certainly benefit individuals too—though, business and professionals will likely be quick adopters—other Eso functions like secure password storage, notepad, and task manager will be friendly for everyday users.

On a closing note, one major plus of the Eso platform will be that transferring ESOS tokens to other users will be free. Building on a previously mentioned point, Eso might be able to crack the barrier of making Crypto transfers friendly to the masses.

The application will have a lot of useful functions for businesses, but it will make Crypto transfers simple and safe enough for anyone, irrespective of the person’s technical know-how; the lack of transfer fees is the cherry on top.

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The UI needs to be something my nephew can download on his iphone and sen secure information across the blockchain to the counter party. This is the goal of the techies that are behind the scenes attempting to migrate this toward adoption. Many apps have been able to do this and I love that EOS actually holds an account NAME instead of some random string of characters. This is important.

I beleive is ESO is doing what you are saying it is doing they are taking a huge leap into the busines scene. Many businesses currently use slack as their MAIN group information and private group. The one decentralized dapp that can achieve completely (or more) what slack and others can do will gain huge market share over the competitors. Dapps need to be USEFUL! and they are evolving every day. the dapps now compared to those in the future will be insanely different. Not to mention the dapps now are way better than the first ones as it was. I believe that is part of the reason why the crypto sector could not hold the support that is has built in 2018...the space just is not FUNDAMENTALLY ready to advance yet...

Offering the service without inconveniences is the key challenge. Right now, Eso aims to give convenience as-well as security. Not sacrifing convenience for the sake of security is the key.

Last year I did not know much about cryptos, thanks to steemit I learned a little and I took the interest. Although I am not an expert every day we learn something new. :)

Right almost all messaging apps have started tracking a lot of data. And also sensitive data is being easily hacked and are vulnerable to virus attacks. Eso is doing a really good job by providing security with block chain and also gives a very good messaging apps. This dApp deserves customers. Businesses will benefit from this as they will be able to secure their data and also in the long run get involved in crypto. Eso is really doing a great job and I feel we should resteem this and support them by providing a wider audience.

First off, yes, please resteem. :)

You make a good point. Messaging apps are increasingly tracking data in order to push effective ads within the messages. That's a strong breach of privacy because messages are being crunched to get user data to funnel better ads.

Could not agree more.

Thank you for continuously bringing these great projects to the attention of the community. What I really love is the focus on privacy. Blockchain has not reached masses yet and the current user base is somewhat sophisticated. This is a great thing for a project like Esos. The general community does care about privacy features.

The ICO is well rated. If I had to point a flaw, I'd say we have to wait till October 2019 to at least see the mobile app.

What do you think would be a good way to market to consumers?

Exactly what you are doing right now. It's hard to get the noobs on board something like this. Work on those who are already interested in crypto with articles/ads on the features.

What can dApps, in general, do to on-board more everyday people?

The two best examples I've seen are @steemhunt and @steemmonsters which have on-boarded many users.

You are right that a huge opportunity is still to be had in this sector as no one else has eaten the pie from the blockchain side.

The delayed release is due to the team needing funds first.

I agree that most consumers choose convenience over privacy. Look at all the folks that are still on facebook....

ESO offers a great platform. I wonder if the messaging platform is open to everyone or to just businesses. I think it's everyone but it isn't quite clear.

If their transaction are fast, fee and immutable, I believe they could be a major competitor with Steemit and not just telegram

I'm checking out the bounty now

Steemit is cored on content creation. This is focused on communications and interactions.

I completely agree with you!

  1. The onboarding of ESO will help boost security and privacy among messaging app and also give it a leverage as it doesn't use users data to leverage for money.
  2. The marketing point of ESO is it's users to colleagues interface and interaction, it's an app that bring both together while creating there own work space is something everyone wants. With security and data protection at too notch.


  1. If Dapps wants to onboard many users they should put users privacy and protection as a thing to be conscious of. Also managing there data.

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Hi I found your post to interesting and seems i have a narrow knowledge about Blockchain. i will contribute by answering your question.

Explain what you think message applications can do to improve reach to a wider audience?
I have used some of the blockchain message application.. and one of the ways they do to wider their audience is to the Used of sms in exchange of token that can be exchange for ethereum that. SMS that had not been used because people are communicating more on social networking app.

Eso may have a wider adoption in businesses but it can provide a good value to consumers too. What do you think would be a good way to market to consumers?
As of now many crypto Company are starting to used crypto as payments in major markets. but due to some country that do not support crypto had been the reason to limit the network of MArketing in using Crypto. They are already some good thing happen in markets to consumer.. and that is Trust,affordale,low-fees. Trust due to some Wallet reserve to refunds report products.Affordable due to discounts and tokens earn by the consumer in every transaction. Low-fees because most transaction fess are only around 1%-5%.

What can dApps, in general, do to on-board more everyday people?
Dapps Generally on-board more people everyday by providing security in info and date,prevent others people to access, entertainment where people can also earn like crypto kitties. Dapps provide wallet securtiy, good social network with security like peepeth, good crypto income and cash back through tokens like Bancor and many more.

To your first question I think we need to consider how important Private Messaging is to any social network. And I think this article/post did a great job explaining it:

Right now as you mentioned crypto is not "user friendly", which means there isn't much a single coin can do to attract the "masses". It will all depend on the biggest coins until we reach a level where new projects can have a significant impact.

What I mean by that is, we need to promote crypto first, and only then we will be able to market dApps and all those good projects.

Seeing new and new project come onboard the crypto space is amazing, with many solving some life's problems in the most amazing way, with this Èso topping the list.

Am joining there telegram group and checking the white paper too.


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Exactly. Tackling real problems is the next leg for this market.

I just resteem your post, I found it very interesting, all block chain technology will improve social media in the future.

The leap in privacy is a given. But I feel this one actually offers convenience too.

As a Software Engineer, I think crypto needs to ride off other hot technologies going on right now to stay relevant in the short term. In terms of a messaging app I believe there needs to be a way to tokenize(security web token not crypto related token) a personal AI that can learn from a user's messages whilst also keeping their identities secure while the AI interacts with the web as to add to their conversations with relevant memes, directions, etc.

Could you elaborate on this?
I am not sure if people will like an AI to autonomously add gifs or memes on their chat.

I apologize, I didn't mean automatically add gifs. But I was assuming the messaging app would have a gif search and that would present relevant results based on the info the AI collected. I was in no way intending that an AI text on the behalf of the user. But I was hoping the AI would sort of be an assistant to find relevant information to the messages and just queue it up if the user wants to request it. The big companies implement AI in their chats already - ex Google Allo - and it would just be nice if this was implemented in a decentralized and private way.

This sounds interesting.
I feel for dApps to take over, they need to not copy existing features, but come up with their own irresistable ones.

the blockchain is the technology holds the future of all crypto coins in the market. this technology evolves on its functions and capability to maximize information and financial growth not only on the digital market but on the financial environment system.

some countries invested more in blockchain structure and development.
this is the future of digital progressive growth on the economic system in the world.

Yes, and we are witnessing a shift to it slowly but surely.

Nice post my friend!It looks like very interesting and useful.

Trying to understand , most if not all big companies who deemed block chain as important has created their own solutions? How would this differentiate and provide value ?

Take GitHub as an example.
Until Microsoft bought it, the vast portion of its developers used it. Even. Microsoft.

Most corporations are not in the tech business and they out source almost all their technology needs. This is how $100-$200 billion software firms like SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, etc. survive.

Similarly, most companies don't have such a blockchain solution because they simply don't have a blockchain ops team.

I am still adamant that this crypro will be the face of currency soon and those we have now, the fiat currency will be replaced by this crypto. There are so many advantages if the world will use crypto rather than fiat but of course it needs some modification on the system to avoid money laundering issues and the like. 🤗

It's a journey.
Big changes always take time.

Nice article.

Haven't heard from you in a while!
And thank you :)

Sorry. I have read your articles and didn’t reply, but I am making more time for Steemit now.

You don't need to apologize for that :)
You're welcome when ever your schedule allows.

What is the point of a blockchain messaging app? Seems kind of pointless. Centralized messaging apps, like Telegram, Slack, Signal, WhatsApp, Wickr, etc., with end to end encryption would be a way better choice than any blockchain messaging app, which would be slow, bloated, has a smaller user base, and may possibly cost a fee to send messages.

I just really don't see a need for a blockchain messenger. You're trying to fix something that isn't broken. Even irc channels would be a better option if you don't want a centralized business in charge of a messaging app. You could just set up your own server as an IRC channel or Slack channel, etc. Most of these can also be private and invite only.

I'd say use your skills to focus on something that is needed more. There are already blockchain messaging apps out there (and like i said before, centralized services or open source messaging software is far superior). Develop a DApp that hasn't already been created somewhere else.

Sorry, I just don't see the need for it. It's already been done. And it's just not a new or interesting idea. :/ Again, sorry. I'm not trying to sound mean or anything. This is just my honest opinion as a developer myself.

Slow if built on Ethereum, but the goal is to have this as a separate entity.

Now, I addressed this that it's much more than a messaging app. Messaging just happens to be a part of it. It's a communication suite and thus the offering is a product of security AND convenience; the latter is something predecessors have sacrificed.

It provides a mechanism to do payments to friends and this is a leap forward in how payments are done in Crypto, a completely secure data storage, ability to make absolutely private meetings, and to make announcements (even calendar based).

The problem has been that current messaging dApps copied existing services and placed it on the blockchain. Eso devs want to provide something tailored to privacy in all forms of communication, in one app.

I don't know. I guess I just don't see it how you do. It just doesn't make sense to me to build that on a blockchain. Messaging apps that arent built on a blockchain are already about as good as it gets. Most of them you can send payments from as well, or build a simple bot to handle it on slack, discord, rocketchat, etc.

Like I said, also with blockchains comes costs. Most messaging services are free. This is another big problem. How are you going to handle the transaction fees of every single message? Also, what about transaction/block times? Also, what about the security makes it better than centralized services?

I can't think of any real benefit to a messaging DApp. Or at least any benefit good enough for me to switch away from slack, discord, etc.

Payments: These will be Crypto tx; insteading of sending to a string of characters, you'll send to a persona of your friend. How is that not a great addition?

Security: The data is yours.

Tx Handling: Look at Steemit.

I am still rather new to crypto and even newer to blockchain. I do believe that both are the future. Modern sites / social media outlets better adapt or be left behind.

That's a given.
I feel a lot of them will slowly integrate available blockchain solutions.

I completely agree with you!

something useful bro... keep up

am with you

''the Crypto-popular Telegram app has been extremely successful at providing an exceptional UX''

Yes, that was instrumental in its success. If Eso can manage to create a communication suite with a great UX, it's on a path to success.

A Decentralized Telegram ? I am definitely in..

However, I guess they will face some regulation obstacles especially from the US Side.

I don't see why the US would mind. No laws being broken.

I'd love to be more integrated... if I wasn't constantly confused about it (-:

Spot on.
dApps really need to improve the UI; that's the key.

I like how its confusing because it keeps the ones who dont belong here out. We joined blockchain because we wanted to take back control of our creatives. You are integrated!

Great job usefull post to alot of people to learn

I try my best to share info on major upcoming projects :)

I fell very interesting to read your blog. Blockchain is very good idea for income. nice informative post.

I am not sure if it can help people make money but surely could save companies money by eliminating data breaches.


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It certainly is.
So many features--privacy, pay transfers, calendars--in just one app.

nice work man. thx nice article, i'm new member in steem

And glad you like it :)

Voy conociendo un poco mas de las cryptos mediante este usuario. Siga así..

Feliz de proporcionarle esta información.

Thanks for all the info. I will take a closer look and examine about the tech and new wallet system.

I loved your publication friend congratulations

Glad to hear so :)

I recently started using this platform, which I recommend a friend, I find it very interesting and I'm learning about it

You mean reading about it?
The whitepaper was recently released :)

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  • Eso may have a wider adoption in businesses but it can provide a good value to consumers too. What do you think would be a good way to market to consumers?
  • What can dApps, in general, do to on-board more everyday people?

What this steemBounty?


Estoy revisando a ver si me intersa este mundo de las criptomonedas y es interesante todo lo que explicas aqui.

Privacy + convenience!

I read all 117 answers and I'll tell you this is more interesting than reading a magazine or a newspaper. It was through answers that I broadened my horizons. To all reading that it only took 10 minutes.

Me gusta mucho el contenido que compartes es de mucha ayuda y aporta mucho conocimiento sobre las crypto monedas sigue asi espero sigas subiendo más contenido es de mucho apoyo... Podrías darme concejos para llegar a tener un canal como el tuyo mi especialidad es la cocina saludos amigo

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hmm nice.........

Yea, and it is one of the few projects being made by a team that has already launched a successful blockchain-based development.

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Plz sir give the vot my post.. Thnx

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I like post

amigo buena información sobre blochain

I like post

Good to hear so :)

I believe in Cardano and I'm learning about it right now to be able to join and develop Dapps when it is possible =)

Great Content 👍 thanks for taking the time to share this with us. 👏

Very much helpful post. Thanks @hatu

You're welcome :)

no transfer fees? that's good!

This Article give me a chance to know more about crypto. I am really lucky to have expert like you to follow. Your posts are just amazing and give us a lot of information about crypto.

As a beginner on this field, I can't give you valuable upvote but I must give you my love from india :)

Hope I will able to know more from your post and make a good profile.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

this is extremely informative. You indeed added great effort to bring all these information together.
Keep it up

I found it very interesting, all block chain technology will improve social media in the future.

As much as we know the potential of technology, it still needs to have social utility beyond financial focus. Without making it clear of financial use. Steem is a differential, but most protocols offer pretty much the same thing, and lots of promise. By still being developed most of the tools to make applications need programmers. When making tools that do not need to use codes, to produce applications, we will have many ways for many people to do more, and make it closer to mass adoption. Very interesting this protocol that brought, but the differential is still little, anyway I'll stay of eye. Thank you!

I’m just getting into crypto, as of today, and the idea of this sounds like a fantastic way to collaborate with others, especially in my field where independent music and entertainment production have long had leaks and losing vast amounts due to such security breaches.

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evolving in cryptocurrency? see this update from the people's exchange take your first step for your dreams.

Ohh Excellent, how can I have more information about it?

Crypto is future for all start-ups in world.