Come Share $50,000+ in Fun, Free Quests by Akropolis!

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Calling all puzzle lovers, gamers, creative minds, quiz champs, and Quest-mongers!

Prepare for $50,000 rewards + grand prizes!

Are you up for some fun?

Akropolis has concluded its (token) presale and has decided to convert its public sale allocation into the most rewarding and engaging community reward program ever!

Akropolis Quests are a series of games.

Hundreds of participants, like YOU, are getting $100s or $1000s right NOW; some are even getting exclusive merch!

Just join the Akropolis Telegram:

Register for the NEW Quest here:

In case you don't have Telegram, you can get it for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices here:

It is highly recommended that every Crypto holder/enthusiast have a Telegram account; this is the number 1 communication channel in this community. It's completely secure and will soon operate on its own blockchain.


What is an Akropolis Quest?

Quests are competitions among Akropolis community members.
You can show off your competitive skills in many, many ways! Some of the challenges with prizes include solving puzzles, quickly answering community quizzes (on various topics), creating compelling creative content, and more!

The best part is that many Quests have several winners; some have 30 or more winners. This isn’t a winner takes all game; there will be hundreds of winners!
You can see the names of the hundreds of people who have already won $100s or $1000s here:

Each winner is getting anywhere from $100 to $700+ in prizes comprised of ETH, tokens, or both!
Every. Round.

Since the quest rounds require some effort, the typical unmotivated airdrop collectors are avoiding this opportunity. The result is that only a small number of people are claiming all the prizes. Come and join in!

This is the first ever community engagement activity where a well-funded project is giving tens of thousands of dollar for community members for having a good time so do NOT miss out.

Just join the Akropolis Telegram:

Register for the NEW Quest here:

Akropolis has already sold tokens worth 22,000 ETH and they are NOT selling any more coins; this is a no-strings-attached contest, with HUGE prizes, for the community members who are willing to have a fun time!

In case you'd like to know what Akropolis is and what it aims to achieve, here's a quick run over the pain-points of the pension sector and how Akropolis offers relief.


Early investments are the key to a stable future, and large financial corporations, in their seemingly well-minded goal to help the people, set up pension funds. The truth is that these companies are not much more than middlemen who sap money from the returns in people's earnings.

Investment corporations that provide pension plans have acquired trillions of dollars in investable capital. They recruit an army of employees that go on to invest that money, but the key portion of fees and performance charges go to the pockets of the company's executives or owners. This is the very definition of the creation of wealth inequality.

We live in a social structure where a centralized company collects employees and gets them to attract customers. Then, the owner of the centralized company reaps the largest portion of the benefits. Meanwhile, with respect to pension funds, employees end up giving large parts of the earning from the performance fee to the company, and the clients get less return on their capital.

Things don't have to be this way.

Professionals who know how to properly invest people's money shouldn't need to work at a centralized company in order to help people invest people's money.

A Decentralized Network of Fund Managers

Blockchain technology is making it possible to distribute wealth by ensuring society can leave the rigid structure of relying on services from companies. Akropolis uses this technology to directly connect people with investment professionals.

Akropolis utilizes smart contracts to ensure people's funds are secure despite being invested through a service provider. Instead of having to trust a regulated company, people can have their funds invested in a trustless ecosystem enables by blockchain technology.

The use of smart contracts in the pension sector also opens up other major benefits. Traditional pension funds retain a lot of power in their hands and can often fluctuate contractual agreements. As many people hand over these companies their money, and trust, pension funds can abuse the trust bestowed to them.

Smart contracts, however, can contain immutable records on the blockchain. This means when a person uses Akropolis to get investment services from a pension development expert, the terms will be unchangeable and the smart contract will abide by the terms.

Akropolis uses blockchain technology to allow a decentralized network in which professionals can provide pension-related services to anyone without having to console clients that their funds are safe. The smart contracts and use of blockchain technology will innately console people

Quests are LIVE. Join in the fun and enjoy HUGE prizes.

Just join the Akropolis Telegram:

Register for the NEW Quest here:

$50,000 and Merch await!


I'm here with answers!

Participate now; it's easy!

Just join the Akropolis Telegram:

Register for the NEW Quest here:

In case you don't have Telegram, you can get it for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices here:

Disclaimer: The citizens of US, China, and some other countries cannot participate; please read the full details at
If you are from a coutnry that is commonly sanctioned by ICOs, bounties, and airdrops, please double-check your eligibility for Akropolis Quests.


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While Akropolis turns some people into mini-whales, I figured I'll run a small local contest.

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  1. Give their opinion on using reward-based quests to engage the community
  2. Explore the benefit of a decentralized pension network

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Cool stuff.
Thanks for sharing.

Count me in

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and fun game. I will join the telegram and follow the game right away.

Glad to hear that Max!

Make a test, and pls ignore it. Many tks.

Make a test, and pls ignore it. Many tks.

Make a test, and pls ignore it. Many tks.

Make a test, and pls ignore it. Many tks.

Make a test, and pls ignore it. Many tks.

Make a test, and pls ignore it. Many tks.

This is a good opportunity for those who wanted to earn some money @hatu

The prizes are pretty big; so, good opportunity for everyone!

is it legit?

Prizes are being allocated on a daily basis.

Pension funds will soon be facing a massive crisis due to various reasons. I think Akropolis will have a lot of demand when that eventually happen. Currently I don't know about anyone else in the same market. So there is the first mover advantage. What I really like is projects like Polymath and Cindicator supporting Akropolis.

The bounty quest thing is a great way to build awareness. This is the best kind of marketing gor the consumers. thanks for bringing this to my attention. there is a lot going on in the crypto-sphere it's hard o keep up.

Best of Luck!

The first-mover advantage is great; the fact that they've raised necessary capital should allow them to move onward with a good pace. As for the quests, yea, Crypto marketing keeps getting more innovative.

This photo embodies steem

Haha that is quite true :D

Looks like a good way to create a community, as people love games and contests. And prizes, most of all.
I will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing

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There's some great riddles involved too.

If the concept is rightly applied, I am sure Millennials will enjoy better security and better returns on their retirement funds, an opportunity that was unfortunately not available to previous generations. As regards the games; what a fun way to incentivize adoption. I am sure to give it a try...

I agree the main appeal will be towards millenials.
And yea, this is the first community engagement involving quests.

All the lazy airdrop collectors are out. So, for now, the same batch of people keep winning. Need more players.

This is interesting ..... I assume this is already very popular as just about everyone has a game they like playing and do so for free. With rewards being offered I suspect the fields in such a competition to be big. Whats the odds of actually being one of the 30'ish players winning a prize.

There's actually a small number of plays every day.
People have become adjusted to getting Crypto for free in airdrops that they won't exert any effort to get even $700 in ETH/tokens.

... and that's why, it's a great opportunity to have a good time while earning some big amounts.

Interesting I will join and see what happens.

Good luck!
Odds of getting at least something are high since there are so many winning slots.

wow this is interesting

Certainly is a first :)

Muchas gracias amigo te felicito

You're welcome :)

Wheres the catch?

It's just a means to develop a community :)


  1. This project has an excellent idea, which aims to build up an agency with the aid of smart contract. This provides platform for professionals and clients contact each other directly and without influenced by the company.
  2. This project can utilise the capital from clients and make max profits for both clients and professionals without paying off most of the profit to the company.
  3. There are not much projects like this one, I am sure this project will be the leader of this investment agency aspect in the future.
  4. It has done a great job in advertising its project, such as this bounty, to raise the public awareness of it.


  1. Although it has a great idea, it can do more real work and prove its applications into real life.
  2. Its whitepaper can include more about its applications in real life and make it more clearer.

Thx for @hatu for holding this bounty

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This bounty contest is actually by me, personally.
The project's own advertising is a far bigger series of contests; you should check it out since you seem to be able to exert the effort win the top prizes. :)

And you're right, this is the first blockchain-enabled project I've seen that targets pensions.

I have join and registered.
But can't see any game

You can participate in the next day's round after signing up.
The next round link will be e-mailed to you tomorrow.

To play! Thank you.

I do not have a specific topic yet, but for now I can tell you that I am 19 years old I am from Peru I am studying architecture I want to help the world improve and for the moment I am only looking for extra income for my studies

Now's your chance!

it is so good a topic

this is so great, i will be joining here :)

Welcome aboard :)

very good nowadays there are so many benefits that can be accepted by the current generation

The underlying product is definitely a boon for future generations.

wow, sach a amazing news for self earning thanks for sharing

Welcome aboard!

Not entirely sure what I just read lol, too much lingo I don’t know

Akropolis, a decentralized pension ecosystem, is hosting daily contests with large rewards for 30+ participants, up to $700 per person.
You can join:

  1. Just join the Akropolis Telegram:

  2. Register for the NEW Quest here:

good !! great job

It's great :D

good good thank you very much for the information
bueno bueno gracias por la informacion

You're welcome :)

Thanks a lot. I will surely check out the game.

Happy to share the info :)

Que fino amigo, quiero jugar. Saludos desde venezuela

Gracias por el cumplido.
Por favor únete :)

very interesting , I'm curious to look forward to the game😊

That's the right attitude!

Heres another free airdrop from stellar released hours ago. Biggest air Drop in Crypto History and its XLM Stellar. Hell yeah!!!

This is not an airdrop!
It's a series of contests, riddles, and quizzes per round; each round can have 30+ winners. It takes a bit of effort but the winners get much more than the $2 offered by the typical airdrops.

Thanks for sharing @hatu this sounds really interesting I will have to check this out! I will resteem for you! Have you won a quest yet?

Posted using Partiko Android

I really appreciate the resteem.
I haven't won yet, but I am determined!

Great opportunity for online earners.

And for anyone who likes a bit of fun.

thank you very much Hatu I want to join

You are welcome :)

  1. Just join the Akropolis Telegram:

  2. Register for the NEW Quest here:

gracias por la informacion, una manera util de obtener ganancias extras.

Además, asegúrese de divertirse!


I'm a citizen of the world no disclaimers apply to me :)

interesting proposal, hatu,success for all greetings from venezuela

Thank you, Joel.

Greetings, friend. As always with your excellent recommendations. I will join.

Happy to introduce you to it.
Have fun!

What an interesting game, thanks for recommending. It is a great opportunity

It certainly is :)

good opportunity to play n win @hatu sir nice share.

And it's also fun!

Great Akropolis! let see that in the way. ;D

One of the quests is live right now.

Good opportunity or best chance to earn good amount. can we earn through any referral process.

I think $700 for solving puzzles is better than any referral program haha

I want to play, it reads quite interesting.

It is; the quizzes are a bit challenging though ;)

This i s amazing, looking forward to joining this amazing community on Telegram.

You are very welcome :)

Yeh, good job. I will check.

wow, sach a amazing news

Certainly is!

thanks for the info. trying it now.

You're welcome!
Wish you best of luck :)

another quest that need us to play for earn.. is that any site that we can earn while read or something like that.... reading ebook or online book for example.

That's a good idea.
I wish Steemit adopts that model; 5% of voted reward dedicated to readers.

I'm from iran😔i can't participate.It's not fair😞😞

The thing is pensions might have to be increased due to inflation. As block chain is immutable and copies data to other nodes permanently,I don't think it can facilitate perfect pension system. Please tell me if I have told something wrong.

hi all,
Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of credit cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q, and to get people to start using the system once it's ready they are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now (the amount drops as more people join - so better to join early). Signing up is free and they only ask for your name and an email address. There's nothing to lose but if this payment system becomes a world leading payment method your Qs can be worth a lot. If you missed getting bitcoin seven years ago, you wouldn't want to miss this.

Here is my invite link:

This link will stop working once I’m out of invites. Let me know after you registered, because I need to verify you on my end.

itis nice picture and good comment

Excuse me sir, I like your post , please like my post, I Am newbie in steemit, thank you !

Whilst researching steem bounty for a post, I tripped upon your post, superb.

Everything for a reason I suppose. Looks very interesting, I shall check it out now.

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Thank you!! i will check!

Thx bro for sharing this i'm gonna go for it

This is a decent open door for the individuals who needed to win some cash

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This is a decent open door for the individuals who needed to win some cash

Posted using Partiko Android

Am i interested?

thanks for sharing this usefull info!!

Definitivamente necesito intentarlo!!!!

Thank you for this sir I'm sharing this post 😍

This looks like a lot of fun. Too bad I don't have time to participate

@hatu your blog is very good. Thanks for share.

Uff @hatu como hago para ganar tanta pasta con mis post? Gracias

Cool. I'm a biggest fan of puzzles and quiz :) I already sent my registration form and I really hope to be able to use this 😊 thanks @hatu for all your valuable info.

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Interesting idea to create social games on blockchain.

I am new to bounty things. Need any help, from anybody, gender. Its possible If i can make it here?

Downvoted for disagreement with rewards. I have seen worse posts but your post is not worth over $500.

I liked your post, it is easy to make money through this, thank you

Most awesome service i've ever seen! Will recommend it to all my friends

Thanks for sharing!

It is good look for pictures and logo you insert in this article. I will follow it.

If the thought is rightly applied, I am definitive Millennials wish revel of higher protection but better returns on theirs retirement funds, an opportunity in imitation of as aggregation used to be regrettably no longer reachable below previous generations. As regards the games; as a enjoyable road in accordance to incentivize adoption. I am ultima within consequence together with extremity atop certain a try

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so where exactly do the quests hold?

thanks for sharing!!

Wow! What a quest...

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Hi, I'm Paula, I'm 19 years old and I'm studying architecture, follow me and I'll follow you

Sounds interesting but may I ask about cash-out policy and rules/regulations related with it ? How does it work, when and how can we cash out our assets ?

This is the second post that I read from you today and once again you leave an incredibly important tip: "It is highly recommended that every Crypto holder/enthusiast have a Telegram account; this is the number 1 communication channel in this community."

Other than that, there isn't much I can say about Akropolis, because everyone that reads this post will be amazed with so many incredible ways of making money and possibly huge amounts. Who here would not love some "free" money and another coin to add to our portfolio!!

I´m in, next week I'll be "hunting" some of those rewards to myself.

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This is awesome. I just registered. seems the game is already on in the telegram channel.


The generation leaving by the gaming side of life, millennial, are going to mostly benefit compared tot he rest of the group who'll allocate tiny times to a site like Akropolis.

This sounds very exciting and I went to Telegram and joined. Then I went to the register link. Unfortunately this is not available to US residents. Once again our country is limiting our freedom by deciding what we can and cannot participate in. Hopefully someday soon this will change.

Sounds nice. Will check it out

I've joined the telegram chat and signed up, lets see if this all works out a little extra crypto goes a long way

very nice post. please follow me and upvote my post also

Excuse me sir, I like your post , please like my post, I Am newbie in steemit, thank you !

Why are you discussing CarVertical here... lol