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RE: Bitcoin TA - summary of analysts - 12. June 18

in #bitcoin4 years ago

I have been saying this for weeks and now EVERYONE wants to be on the bearish train....still looking for bounces lol.

We are going to the Feb lows and lower and it is likely to happen in one quick swift kick in the nuts to all crypto holders when it does. What happens there is what matters


But no one claim to really know what the future of Bitcoin is for if we know then everybody would know when to buy, hold or sell.
You are also speculating. for me i just hope that the price goes up

I have been telling everyone whatvis going to happen for the past few months and it has taken longer than i thought but certainly has gone to Plan. Bitcoin trades very technical and there were multiple signal that said buying for the last 6 months was just asking for a loser.

haha! i agree but you were speculating on this too. No one can really say what will happen in the blockchain.

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