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Hello my dear friend. Peace and prosperous greetings are always for all of you who are reading this article. In this meeting, I will introduce future projects aimed at offering a one-stop platform for users of this Project.Many countries and citizens have been left behind in a new revolution called Blockchain, we will connect the dots and offer the best service using best practices from top global organizations.The project I am about to introduce is called " BlooCYS ".   

 21 century becomes  century of  where technology is completely reduced our lives, access to any kind of information is certainly not a difficult task. However, when it comes to hiring the right professionals for a job, there are limits that make us go back and we tend to use the old methods. We use friends, relatives and people we know. With a highly skilled workforce all over the world, it’s really a challenge to keep the best from the rest. BlooCYS is a platform that offers consumers unlimited access to qualified professionals and is fast. 

What is BlooCYS  ?

 BlooCYS is a platform like Uber, and this platform supports you as a customer who has been involved in this process in a professional way, which is also suitable for adopting consulting services the consumer wants. I can learn and study the new language I did not know so far. You can do make-ups and hair tutorials.  Or you can fix additional insects and IT related issues. The possibilities are unlimited. At several stages of the video. And in real time. The benefits you get when using this BlooCYS platform are: Due to the imagination and pioneering of the BlooCYS target form, I break you and make it easier. 

 Now is the era of technological innovation. Well, a person from his gadget can click on the app several times. As a result, doorbell rings can now run through! Everything is done quickly, completely, of course, completely anonymously. Uber is a private company (San Francisco), the same name application promotes search, call, payment of taxi drivers and individual taxi drivers. With Uber you can order (reserve) a car with a driver. Generally, owners will use vehicles, partners, other taxi vehicles. 

In this company, 80% of the payment was paid to the driver and the rest was paid to Uber.But on the BlooCYS platform, consumers are helping to hire professional consultants to solve key issues. Such an approach is useful when learning new languages, when gathering information on barber’s and hairstyle work, especially when useful at video conferencing. Troubleshooting and Bugs IT functional area This is only one of the applicable areas, but its actual range is infinite. All problems are resolved during online video conferencing. 

How we can use bloocys platform in real life in near future

 Brandon is an tamil language teacher and lives in india. He wants to improve his tamil language skills, but he has never been to india. Brandon needs expert services from a native tamil speaker who can also speak English well so he can teach tamil in his school. However Brandon is very busy and does not know anybody in Indonesia,

 Supun lives in Surabaya. He has a Master of tamil  Linguistic and is a lecturer in one of the local universities. Supun wants to teach more people about the tamil language, culture and at the same time earn extra income. 

 Both Brandon and Supun register on the BlooCYS platform and complete the necessary verification. Supun publishes his tamil consultancy service and rates on the platform. 

 BlooCYS recommends Supun to Brandon upon his search. Brandon initiates a video consultancy session with Supun as and when both of them are available. 

 Why BlooCYS?

Many freelancers offering professional professional services through social networks are on the market today. Freelances have become unnecessary to withdraw work every day from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock every day, so that they can work from anywhere at any time. However, it is often difficult to find suitable specialists for consultant suppliers according to customer requirements.

 In many cases, services are expensive or may be delayed due to geographical location.Millions of freelancers now earn money over time, their own individuals, and BlooCYS also provide an equivalent market Provider with a professional who is based on the idea of sharing a virtual market journey to share Provide know-how, customers can use high-quality services through applications. 

  Conclusion -  BlooCYS offers comprehensive solutions to real problems in a hyped industry. Keep an eye on this one as it is a unique profitable business with a experienced team. It’s rarity on the ICO market, and the financial aspect of the project is straightforward enough, so it all comes back to their ability to get people onto their platform in the first place BlooCYS project looks very advanced but is quite in early stages at the moment . It could turn out to be one of the most promising projects of 2018 and 2019.  



Author - Hirusha Perera

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