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RE: NovaExchange is closing - Withdrawal Now!

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Poloniex is too. They will be going out of business for stealing deposits.

Bittrex just started requiring documentation, which will likely drive them into the ground too.

What is happening out there?


I get withdrawal errors every time I try to take out my bitcoins. They want my identity but I am a very private person on line. Someday owning bitcoins might get you put in jail. I mean, what if bitcoin goes to 50,000? IRS hunters.

Bittrex just stole $300 from me because they suddenly want documentation for me to get my funds!

I guess I stopped using Bittrex just in time. I've moved my trading to Cryptopia after Bittrex imposed a withdrawl limit on my account.

I began using Bittrex in June so the verification isn't supposed to affect me but they slammed me anyway- I think they're crooked.

I use Blocktrade exclusively to load up my Bitpay card... it's so much easier than the exchanges. I do like to keep a little in one of the exchanges to play around daytrading with... Plus I have 4 LTC they swiped!

that is fuck. i’m also.but now should register. otherwise we might lose it

My problem is that I get my medical insurance through the state and if any income shows up I lose it. My insulin costs way more than $300 a month so I'm better off losing the cash.

Try to differentiate facts from opinions. You THINK Poloniex will be going out of business and you THINK Bittrex is going into the ground. At the same time I shouldn't be surprised about your opinion as you've upvoted your own comment

I realize it's an opinion, but the stealing is wide spread and their "freshdesk" support complaints are numerous. I have been right in the past dating back to Gox. It's only a matter of time.

Bittrex, has just started their shenanigans so their demise may not be imminent. Glad to unvote my post.

I agree that Poloniex has done some shady things in the past and there are many problems, but this still doesn't mean that they will be going out of business. As for Bittrex, I know some people had problems being locked out of their accounts recently, but I've been with them for over a year and a half and never had a problem, so hopefully, things are all fixed

Absolutely no problem with bittrex here. Poloniex on the other end has no communication at all. But bittrex seems like the best exchange in the U.S. yea there were reports but I feel its necessary for them to freeze accounts that bittrex itself may get in trouble for.

I was withdrawing the maximum $2000 dollars at the time. Still 6k steem. Stealing it is ok? NOT.

the you think is poloniex better than bittrex