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New discoveries have always scared mankind: the fear of flying, the fear of looking at the future, the fear of technology. Recent statistics show that the use of Blockchain technology concerns very few people amongst the world’s population, there is a general feeling of mistrust towards it.
Since its creation, Cryptocurrencies have changed the payment system in the way we have never experienced before. Making international payments is faster, cheaper and more easier using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Today, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization, led by Bitcoin, is more than $250 billion. All this change is possible thanks to the technology at the heart of virtual currencies: Blockchain - a digitized, decentralized, public ledger that records transactions block by block, which allows market participants to keep track of cryptocurrency transactions without central record keeping. Blockchain has many valuable characteristics such as decentralized, immutable, irrevocable and transparent. These characteristics help Blockchain become a very reliable means of recording data which can replace traditional methods of recording data and bring radical changes to many industries. With that many potential applications in business and life, Blockchain is gaining worldwide adoption. According to IDC, Global spending on Blockchain solutions in 2018 is $2.1 billion. More than that, Blockchain provides a new way of managing trust and can make organisations more transparent, decentralised, efficient and secure.


Problems of Current Exchange

Day in day out technology advances and the rate at which it does so is unbelievable - faster, smarter and more complex. We have had and still have a number of crypto trading platform which only look at the current problem and solve without looking at what will come in the next minute (future). Most of the exchanges begin to misbehave when there is increase traffic on the platform. Because of this problem, many traders always suffer the losses at expense of weak trading platform. The present exchange’s market does not want to exploit it to the maximum. The current exchange lists several cryptocurencies and ERC20 altcoins, not catching every occasion the market has to offer.


Introducing Bcnex

Having identified this, a blockchain-based automated trading platform and token, Bcnex, the first among the best centralized and decentralized platform of its kind was created. Bcnex is the first innovative crypto ecosystem with its heart in its exchange: hybrid, compliant with the securities and attentive to the erc223’s future, designed to be faster, simple, comfortable and innovative.


Aim of Bcnex

Bcnex aims to do maximum exploitation into the future and solve the problems future holds for us now before we get there. Bcnex seeks to give its users the best trading experience possible.


Why you should choose Bcnex

It is the vision of Bcnex to build a platform that would be the most global, professional, and secure digital asset exchange for traders. Bcnex has added amazing features that make it stands tall among the other competitors; A world-class trading engine to provide fast and robust trading experience through a customizable dashboard and multi-lingual customer service, and future developments such as margin trading and ICO platforms, an Erc 223zzcompactibilty, fast deposits and withdrawals, easy and simple exchange of FIAT and cryptocurrencies and the ability to make payments with FIAT and cryptocurrencie. Bcnex will create a user friendly website interface and a mobile app to make trading simple, faster and convenient.
No one will like to trade in a site with slow processing pace because it makes it tiresome and hectic. Bcnex platform uses an ultra modern technology. Its matching engine is one of the world’s fastest among the competitors. It can handle more than 2,000,000 transactions per second and at a very fast processing speed. Bcnex platform will not limit itself to the above features but will also stretch its tentacles to deliver the best of services. Bcnex will provide 24/7 trading platform, and a continuous support and improvement and Multilanguage platform for its users.


Security is also important and necessary as far as digital assets exchange are concern. We all want to safeguard and protect our digital currency use for trading. That is, no one wants to loss his capital to fraudsters due to weak security systems of exchange site. Security and protection system is a no go area for bcnex exchange platform. Bcnex is a highly secure and stable trading platform built on microservices architecture that meets the most stringent customer requirements. Bcnex will provide a wide hypothetical options for traders to secure their digital assets so they can feel safe to store and trade assets on the exchange. No need to worry about your currency in our system because they will be highly and effectively protected.

Trust me, more advance features are in the pipeline

BCNX Token

BCNX is an ERC223 standard token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The total BCNX supply will be 200 million with no increase in the quantity. The only way to get the BCNX token is through burning. The BCNX token will be used to trade, buy and sell other cryptocurrencies on Bcnex. Also, It will be used to pay transaction fees and receive incentives of up to 75%.


Token Sale Information

Our private sale is live and public sale will begin in no time (see website for the day). Only 100 million BCNX is allocated for the public sale. Total token supply is 200 million and token price is 0.15-0.45 USD. The minimum fund for investment is $100 and $5000 for Angel investors. 49.63% of 30 million hardcap target reached. Investors are trooping in every second. Join the private sale now and enjoy amazing offers. Visit website for more updates.

In sum, Bcnex is an excellent and awesome project with strong and competent team members and partners like Akamai and CMC Telecom. Bcnex is there to provide the best service we all need.
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Wow. Up to 2 million order processing per second is very impressive. I wish this project sees the light of the day

Great project, i cant wait to be a part of it.

Interesting exchange to hit the crypto market. I know greater things awaits this amazing exchanges. Am pretty sure most crypto traders are excited about the concept put up by the team.