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Technology advances almost everyday and the rate at which it does so is unbelievable - faster, smarter and more complex. One powerful thing that advancement in technology has brought is blockchain. Cryptocurrency has been at the center of Blockchain technology which is being used in diverse ways. Since its creation, Cryptocurrencies have changed the payment system in the way we have never experienced before. Making international payments is faster, cheaper and more easier using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Today, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization, led by Bitcoin, is more than $200 billion. All this change is possible thanks to the technology at the heart of virtual currencies: Blockchain - a digitized, decentralized, public ledger that records transactions block by block, which allows market participants to keep track of cryptocurrency transactions without central record keeping.


The reliable exchange platform to trade these cryptocurrencies is always the problem. We have had and still have a number of crypto trading platform which only look at the current problem and solve without looking at what will come in the next minute (future). Because of this problem, many traders always suffer the losses at expense of weak trading platform. The present exchange’s market does not want to exploit it to the maximum. The current exchange lists several cryptocurencies and ERC20 altcoins, not catching every occasion the market has to offer. Catching this trend, a blockchain-based automated trading platform and token, Felixo, the first among the best centralized and decentralized platform of its kind was created. Felixo focuses on doing maximum exploitation into the future and solve the all the problems future holds for us now before we even face them. Felixo seeks to provide its users the best trading experience possible. Felixo Exchange consists of team members who are experienced in crypto currency and blockchain technologies. It works for the best of it’s users.



It is the vision and mission of Felixo to build a robust platform that would be the most global, professional, and secure digital asset exchange for traders. Felixo has added amazing features that make it stands tall among the other competitors;

High security and safe wallets: Security is also important and necessary as far as digital assets exchange are concern. We all want to safeguard and protect our digital currency use for trading. Felixo exchange is a highly secure and stable trading platform built on microservices architecture that meets the most stringent customer requirements. This platform provides access methods that keep your account security at the highest level. Security of your personal data and investments are kept at a high level with Google Authenticator, SMS Verification and IP restriction. Your crypto assets are kept in the safest environments in offline wallets.

Transaction Speed: No one will like to trade in a site with slow processing pace because it makes it tiresome and hectic. Felixo exchange platform uses an ultra modern technology. Its matching engine is one of the world’s fastest among the competitors. It can handle more than 300,000 transactions per second and at a very fast processing speed.

Stop Limit: A world-class trading engine to provide fast and robust trading experience through a customizable dashboard and stop limit. When market goes against your position, you can use Stop-Limit order, to protect your profits and keep your damage at a certain level.

Alarm notification: You do not need to follow the screen in market fluctuations. You may benefit from audible notification by setting an alarm for any transaction you wish to happen of any crypto asset you follow.

Coin Market: Felixo exchange lists ICO's researched by technical experts for you to make a secure purchase with more bonus.

Fast Support: You can reach our team at any time of the day through our support channels Felixo exchange provides 24/7 trading platform, and a continuous support and improvement and Multilanguage platform for its users.

Felixo Academy: Financial literacy is a sensitive issue that we focus on. Felixo collaborates with technical analysis experts to ensure that all our users benefit from training and get the best return. We support our members with paid and free, online and individual trainings.

Reference System: You can earn 20% passive income from transaction commissions by recommending Felixo Exchange to others.

Low Comission: We keep commission rates at the lowest level of 0.2% in your trading transactions.

Payment Options: Felixo exchange provides easy and fast deposits and withdrawals, easy and simple exchange of FIAT and cryptocurrencies and the ability to make payments with FIAT and cryptocurrencies. You can make quick deposits and withdrawals by using our arranged by agreement bank accounts and other payment systems.

In addition to advanced trading methods, graphics, alarm and academy features, Felixo will provide access to the Escrow Wallet and OTC market. Felixo exchange will provide user friendly website interface and a mobile app to make trading simple, faster and convenient. Felixo platform will not limit itself to the above features but will also stretch its tentacles to deliver the best of services.
No need to worry about your currency in our system because they will be highly and effectively protected. Trust me, more advance features are in the pipeline.



Felixo Token is an ERC20 standard token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The total $FLXs supply will be 10 billion with no increase in the quantity. The Felixo token will be used for payment of trading commissions, coin voting, receiving airdrops from new listings, lending, margin trading and IEO participation on the trading platform. trade, buy and sell other cryptocurrencies on Felixo exchange.1 $FLX will go for 0.006$ before softcap of 1.2million is reached and 0.010$ after softcap has reached.

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In sum, Felixo exchange is an excellent and great project with strong and competent developers and managers that traders need. Felixo is there to provide the best service we all need. For more information you may need about Felixo exchange, visit the links below;

Website: https://www.felixo.com/
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/felixoexchange
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/company/felixoexchange
Telegram: @FLX_Channel

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Wow lot of cool features it will have

Great project that has the investors in mind.

This exchange platform will be one of the best exchanges we would ever have in the crypto space

Great project, am just excited about the development and roadmap so far.

There are many crypto exchanges in the space but not all of them are trustworthy. looking at the features this exchange want to implement, I believe they can win the trust of many in the space.

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