BITCOIN going to $20.000 - Open the wallets - Incoming HODLers - dec 12, 2017

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Who can stop that now?

BITCOIN was around $11,000 five days ago and now it goes to $20,000 with a growth in last 24h of almost 26%.




I just see the fast growing now and all the hype around and couldn't stop to make that meme/post.

Even if it will have a drop at the end of december or maybe in january (a correction is a healthy thing always, but with bitcoin who knows what and when) this moment is impossible to not live and smile.

So, be happy and watch your investments. This is not an advice, its just a moment of fun.
Take it as it is.

And do not forget...


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BITCOIN going to $20.000 - Open the wallets - Incoming HODLers - dec 12, 2017

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Bitcoin is on steroids !!!

hahaa, yes... kinda

but people are on steroids and make bitcoin greater ;-)

Your gif got me 😂

I smell money everywhere @ilvstranger

only me not!

hope not yet...