Bitcoin Poem

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Everyday working towards a new way to make money.
Always looking for a better way to live my life.
"Work smart, not hard" says the wise man.
So much schooling and never a career.

What's next for a broke college graduate who dreams of owning a condo?
How could a minimum wage worker afford to live the life he always wanted?
Is it just not in the cards for a smart but underpaid intellectual to become rich?
Was his or her life just a pipe dream of unrelated events that never became reality?

The 21st century offers wealth to more than just overpaid actors and politicians.
It actually offers a myriad of options for people of all ages looking to increase their income.
The nine to five work life will always exist, but it wont get you rich and living the high life you want.
Instead of slaving away at the town's same old factories and plants, now you just sit in front of your laptop.

The exciting new world of cryptocurrency is a booming industry that anyone can be a successful part of.
Whether you have a college degree in art or a Phd in psychology, people with no education can earn as much as you.
Even stock market experts have left their long standing positions in that field for a chance to get in on the crypto rush!
The magic of a blockchain on the internet has made it possible and reliable to put your money into fast return investments.

Bitcoin, Steemit, Golem, Dash, Bitshares, and thousands of others coins are out there waiting to be bought and sold.
It's fast, fun, and easy to become a part of this exciting new money making underworld where dreams can come true.
Read an article online through a search engine about the history of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and learn it all!
Whether you just want to escape the 9-5 work life, or your ready to make millions (or billions), invest in cryptocurrency!


Preaching against wage-slaving. Wishful thinking! Fun!

Love your comment! Your display name is pretty cool too. I am now following you Zen!

Hi @jamie-smith I'm not real big into poetry but your Bitcoin Poem was filled with lots of useful, valid and relevant facts regarding cryptos. Moreover, your writing style is very witty. Keep up the excellent work!

Thanks Nandibear! I used to take poetry and writing classes back in college. I thought it would be cool to make poetry a secondary focus in my steemit postings. Make a good variety of posts, I guess. The Money Show is my main focus though.