Bitcoin Wallets & Traveling Crypto Europe!!

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Hey everybody at!! It's me, your boy "BAND-AID" and I just wanted to share a couple video I just made that talk a lot about some basic things that a crypto investor should know about. Some of these things are so basic that you might already know them. However, some people are still learning these kinds of basics and I'm just the kind of guy who will help out anybody who is looking to get in on the crypto craze!

In the 2nd video I also talk about Europe and how I would not only like to travel there, but that a person who is new to bitcoin and steemit should probably try vacationing in Europe just to see what the world is like when you live where cryptocurrency is used in most countries as everyday currency.


Pretty useful videos and I hope many more new to cryptos steemians can see them and learn a little bit. Thanks for sharing this videos. Next time try dtube for also earning some crypto while sharing a video.

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