How to earn MONEY FAST with cointrading!!!

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Hello everyone! This is another episode of THE MONEY SHOW. I'm your host BAND-AID.

I found this really cool and visually interesting alley to film my video in today. This is in the downtown area of Iowa City, IA. Iowa City is home the University of Iowa and also the Iowa Hawkeye's football team. I myself was an art student at the Uiowa school of art & art history. It's quite an amazing school. I graduated back in 2009. What a great place to get an education!

Anyhow, I wanted to make this video to not only show off a really cool part of the downtown of where I went to art college but also illustrate how fun and easy (and hopefully successful) it can be to make a youtube/steemit video that basically combines the atmosphere of somewhere visually pleasing while talking about something that is valuable to the people who watch videos on youtube and steemit. I try to make videos that help people to become more independant and able to make money online without having to go to work all week long at a job that they don't enjoy and takes up so much of there time.

I plan on making more and more videos each and everyday, or at least as often as I can. I have much to talk about and much free time on my hands right now. Obviously, I hope to earn money myself as a daytrading cryptocurrency investor and steemit member. My aim is to not only become rich and famous myself, but also to lead others to fame and success with the internet and it's many resources. So please, watch/follow me on both youtube and while I utilize my art degree skills from the famous University of Iowa's School of Art & Art History!! I love you all!!


@jamie-smith excellent video and thank your the helpful trading tips!

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