THE MONEY SHOW "Episode 4" Hosted by BAND-AID

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Greetings my steemian brothers & sisters!! I welcome you all to episode 4 of THE MONEY SHOW!

In this installment of my latest show, I talk about making quick cash to invest in bitcoin and alt coin.

I also speak briefly about dumpster diving and garage/yard sales, etc. Please watch and learn!!!


good stuff, reminding people of common sense solutions to put a couple bucks together.

@jamie-smith this is one of your best videos so far. It's packed with useful information, insight and level-headed advice. You ideas for selling old goods at garage sale or eBay for cash to buy Bitcoin is an exceptionally good idea. Your idea for dumpster diving will work too. Keep the cool videos coming!

@jamie-smith "...old can of corn on eBay..." lol! An instant classic!

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