Bitcoin Gut Charting!

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BTC touched 5800 with massive amounts of Volume. Did the Capitulation finally set in, or will there be another down move? I just hope it doesn't move sideways for the next several months, as that can become quite tiring.

Anyway, this is my latest "gut" chart.

Informational and Entertainment purposes.

What is your gut telling you?!

Hodl up partner!

2018-02-06 09_57_28-BTCUSD_ 7095.04 ▲+2.75% — Unnamed — TradingView.png


According to the firm Autonomous Next, the number of hedge funds investing in digital assets like Bitcoin has grown rapidly to more than 100. Since the launch of Bitcoin Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in December 2017, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone why the price of Bitcoin is down 50% from the high.


Only Retail Investors chase price and buy high and sell low, while the Professionals buy low and sell high. The Hedge Funds have purposely sold Bitcoin futures to get in a better price.

At the moment, there is a war taking place between the buyers (Hedge Funds) and the sellers (Retail Investors) called capitulation. That line in the sand was at $9000. Capitulation is when investors give up any previous gains, by selling, in an effort to get out of the market. Capitulations are outcomes that result from the maximum psychological and financial pain that can be endured by a group before throwing in the towel. The Retail Investors are throwing in the towel after seeing a more than 50% correction in the Bitcoin price to the buyers, the Hedge Funds. With 100s of millions of dollars to invest, we are witnessing an accumulation phase by the Hedge Funds between $6000 and $9000.

The Hedge Funds are loading up and buying from the Retail Investors. But to fill all their buy orders, as the sell orders dry up, price must go down to the next stack of sell orders. We are approaching what I believe will be the bottom of bitcoin at $6000. My first target is $12,000 and my second target is $17,000 over the next 3 - 9 months.

The easy money has been made over the last 12-18 months. With the big boys in the game now, the rules have changes. The question is, are you ready to play to win with a new play book?

This post is my personal opinion. I’m not a financial advisor. Do your own research before making investment decisions. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept full responsibility of any gains or losses.


I believe your assesment to be spot on. I'm definitely playing the game. I am not only a Hodlr, but a buyer whenever the price goes down. Its a shame how many retail investors get shaken out so quick. They are about to do the same with the stock market.. this is why on TV you keep hearing how the markets are down x points.. they will build up to straight panic.. and all the big guys are making money on the short side and will again make money when it's time to place calls. It is all very orchestrated. I think that we did hit the bottom at 5800 also because just today there is a lot of news about Coinbase implement segwit, etc. That is very good news for Bitcoin, so they are now going to start pumping it up with segwit and talking a lot about faster speeds and lower fees. I'm glad this is happening and hope the Corporate fake bitcoin: BCH goes to zero. Thanks for reading and commenting.

very difficult to predict, the beginning of the year btc 50% down

now the bitcoin continues to decline even cheaper than first bitcoin on launch, hopefully bitcoin will return to the ranks of your predictions.
Thanks for sharing @jeff47

I think the bottom will be around 4000-4500, it doesn't look like down trend ends here, however it's hard to predict this, market is crazy:)

I am hearing a lot of predictions for the $4k level.

It's hard to predict when it will actually happen.

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