My Bitcoin Prediction. Gut Chart BTC

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Hope you HODLrs are hanging in there! Such great buying times right now. What are your thoughts on my BTC prediction?!

2018-02-02 11_40_27-BTCUSD_ 8918.58 ▼−1.06% — Unnamed — TradingView.png

Educational and Entertainment purposes only. My Gut Chart!

And way to hang in there STEEM... once this bear is over, you are headed for $100! My Gut tells me!


Hey i'm curious... why bring to a -7% roi

Dude.. sorry.. I messed up.. didn't mean to send that much!!

Yea, I was wondering if I am missing something and why people bring it so low

I hope my upvote to your comment makes it up to you.

lol.. thanks dude... it's all good. I'm just trying to figure it all out. Some goto the -50% and it kinda boggles my mind. I can understand going in at a loss if your post is new. But, some bids I just don't get. Trying to make sense of it. Wondering if I'm missing something

You aren't missing anything.. in fact you simply understand how it works.. many do not and that is why stupid things happen, such as -50%. There are a lot of new accounts on here that just don't have a clue how this all works. In their defense it does take time to understand steemit fully and many will unfortunately never take the time to learn.

I appreciate your time, votes and answers. Thank you very much!

Haha absolutely I agree!

I did get some ETH at $789 this morning which was nice. Buy those dips.

Really though your prediction lines hit the bottom quite close, so well done there.

It was amazing all of a sudden everyone was buying and the market stabilized. Did news come out to create that reversal upward?

Good luck to all of us. Crypto markets are not for the weak. Keep emotion out the best you can, and HODL!

Thanks for sharing.

Nice ETH buy..wish I had cash at the time. Big bounces like that are not caused by news.. orders were lined up to buy at 7550. It just hit 9000 and likely to come right back down to 7300 ish very soon..then to $1 million.. LOL.

lol then up to $1million. it will go back up tho!

Excellent post, thanks for sharing

everyone has its own opinion LOL :D

whether bitcoin prices will rise again

and I agree with your prediction, and hopefully it can be so, ehhehe😀😀😀

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