My BTC GUT Chart holding strong!

in #bitcoin3 years ago

I posted this very exact chart markup 23 days ago (see original post:

It's holding the uptrend line very nicely! Looking forward to seeing how this plays out!
2018-03-01 07_48_15-BTCUSD_ 10621.02 ▲+3.04% — Unnamed — TradingView.png


every time i see that to 1 million i think its funny but i hope it does it a million so! i think we will hit 50,000 tho buy the end of 2018

hello @jeff747, glad you can be active again, I have long wait for your next posting.

Thanks @polo06, I just saw your other note with the SBD send. I've been on vacation for 2 weeks traveling. I will have plenty of things to post very soon! Thanks for following!

it seems like you are very happy after traveling for 2 weeks, happy to be friends with you.

I had a feeling BTC will go to good direction i'm happy to see that you technical analysts say the same

Hope you are right .... i so miss the old good days when Bitcoin was over 15k

hopefully treading your success is always a friend,

Thanks for the information @jeff747.

Ehi dude seems we think about the same on bitcoin, I hope to see again , I would like to found a dolphin club ;)

Hi @luigiborla .. you would link to FUND.. or FOUND or FIND a dolphin club? Please explain what you mean?

found or find :)) I mean we are people putting some money in and i think we could build a useful network

@luigiborla Yes. I agree! Lets put our heads together and come up with this group. What is the best way to communicate further outside of Steemit?

I would say telegram , please tell me your telegram name , and we will create a Dolphins group ;) at least we are 2

Hei @jeff747 please give me your telegram name

Good post, thanks for sharing


I saw the post. but you are too late to post.

it's really cool, thanks for sharing all of us, i will always follow you

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